Jan. 17th, 2019

New Nurse

Jan. 17th, 2019 02:07 pm
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Have hired a nurse (LPN), henceforth T. (Sorry, am out of clever names for people.) Had tried someone over the summer (I think I posted about it), but she didn't last. That one had just moved back to town (after a divorce?). I think she was trying for a job in an OR, but took the position with me to pay the bills until she could find what she really wanted. T already had a job, but one that wasn't that interesting (nursing home), so moved up to working for me (he said, modestly). She's a bit older, her kids are out of the house (interestingly, both in Canadian Forces). Seems enthusiastic, shows up early, takes copious notes. For now, having her slows me down, because I have to teach her everything, but am a big believer in "see one, do one, teach one." That is: watch me do 1-2 with explanation, then do 1-2 while I watch, then just go do it. No one thing is that complicated, but there's a lot of different things to throw at someone all at once. Some things I sort of expected her to know, like assisting at office surgery, but she doesn't. I realize that those were things she probably learned in her training, but hasn't used since then, so she's re-learning them. Slowly she'll learn, and we'll build a formal SOP/office manual. I think she will work out. For the moment, since she's slowing me down, it's costing me money, but the plan is to slowly grow the roster of what she can do for me, instead of with me, and she'll bring money into the office, as well as upgrade the level of service.


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