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Jan. 5th, 2019 07:14 pm
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Herein a grab bag of posts that I'd half-written, but didn't get around to posting. Have a number of half-formed ideas and half-written posts that I'm going to finish and post. I hate back-logs.

"Papa knows…" This soon?
I know that over time, there is a standard decay in children's belief in their parent's knowledge, from "Papa knows everything" decaying to "Papa knows nothing." I just didn't think it would happen so soon or so fast. Just last week, Hedgefund was still in the "…knows everything." Today abruptly shifted to the …knows nothing." Seems I failed as a parent by not knowing the name of a character from "Paw Patrol," even if only one of the human characters. (Hey! I know the names of the Pups. I'm edja'cated.) *Sigh* I console myself with Mark Twain, "When I was in High School, I knew my parents were the most ignorant people in the world. Then I went away to College, and when I came back, I was amazed at how much they'd learned in 4 years." I can only hope the same applies to when she goes back to day care next week. (Serious note about her future schooling soon.)

Christmas? Bah humbug (belated, but so be it).
Managed to avoid most official holiday parties (and left town for the day itself). If I am going to do a get together, I strongly prefer it small.
Actually most people hate the season. One year, way back in my Active Duty days, on Okinawa, I agreed to cover the clinic Christmas Eve (what with being Jewish, don't really care). All the lonely, depressed, drunks managed to find some reason to come to the clinic. We put on comic movies (VCR in those days) and made popcorn. They enjoyed the movies, so weren't depressed; were with each other, so weren't lonely; and gradually sobered up.

Back to the future (coin names).
Back in the day, when Britannia ruled the waves, and had currency that made about as much sense as the rest of the Imperial measurement system (well, until they went decimal in 1971), they had coins worth one penny, called a penny or pence, then half- double- and triple- that, called ha'penny (contraction of half penny), tuppence (contraction of two pennies/pence), and even thruppence (three pennies/pence), and six pence (no clever contraction). Easy to figure out how much each coin was worth. A decade or two later, Canada phased out the dollar bill and created the 2$ bill and the 1$ coin, a.k.a. "loonie" (b/c it has a loon on one side). A few years later, they phased out the 2$ bill and replaced it with a 2$ coin, quickly dubbed "twoonie" b/c it had two loons… no, actually had a bear on it, so for a while "barely" was in the running, but the vox populi settled on twoonie. So I'm wondering if we will go back to the future, and eventually get threenies, fivenies, or whatever. BTW, around the time they were phasing out the 1$ bill, which was just before I moved here, a friend said that in his grandfather's day, they had 25-cent bills. Seemed like denomination of the smallest bill slowly moves with inflation, which I suppose makes sense.

Software updates at gunpoint.
Well, batterypoint. I avoid updating operating systems as long as I can, as inevitably your computer or phone slows down with the newer system, as each "update" is larger. It actually isn't necessary to make better systems larger, but it would require effort to keep the size down, and (1) they're lazy, and (2) it's a form of planned obsolescence. No one is better at that than Apple, since they make both the hardware and the operating system. About a year back, it came out in the news that indeed the newer operating systems did cause the older phones to slow down, which Apple claimed was to help extend battery life, and no one believed them. For weeks, I've been routinely getting the "update your operating system" message on my phone, which I've routinely ignoring. Today my battery life suddenly crumped. I'd charge the phone, and even with it off, the batteries would drain quickly. Even with all Apps shut off, if the phone were on, I could see the charge levels go down minute-by-minute. Called tech support, who suggested up updating the operating system, which I did. Despite that, batteries still didn't hold their charge, and I had to replace them. Regardless, Apple's tech support's first answer to any problem is "update the operating system."

Date: 2019-01-06 06:15 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] ravensron
But then what happens, the children grow up and they learn/know stuff and it doesn't matter what i know or they think I know because I get the benefit of their knowledge.

Holiday season here was dreary. Christmas evening OK, a friend came over and cooked an amazing dinner. New Year's Eve nothing happened, went to work a few hours on New Year's Day, came home and puttered around, the child and I then played some of my print'n'play games.

There have been cosmetic changes in USA money but still the same denominations. E.g. a given bill or coin looks slightly different but has the same value. There has been a gradual decrease in the number of larger bills and coins commonly used - the opposite of what you mention - the only time you see $1 coins are from some types of vending/parking machines making change, never happen to see 1/2 dollar coins, and outside of casinos seldom see any bills over $20 (but local non-casino businesses don't look askance at $100 bills, they'll accept and change them without comment if they can).

Date: 2019-01-07 08:09 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] ecosopher
Yeah, I know the feeling. I'm as thick as two planks, apparently. Oh well. I guess at some point I hope they might have some appreciation for me? But I won't hold my breath!

Planned obsolescence. It's so frustrating.


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