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I've always felt that most fad diets were exactly that: fads. Body weight is much like a bank balance: if the "gizintas*" are greater than the "gizoutas*" it goes up; if it is lower than the gizoutas, it does down. In the case of weight, we are talking calories, and not very important if one changes the caloric balance by lower gizintas (eat less) or higher gizoutas (exercise more).

I'm scarcely fat, especially by N. American standards, but just before the holidays I realized I was the heaviest I'd ever been. My weight has been fairly stable for most of my adult life. (In rounds numbers, it's been "none of your business.") It went up several pounds after I got out of the Army -> exercised less -> had kids -> exercised less. Still, I was never a huge exercise buff. Most of my life, I kept my weight down by depending on good genetics/high metabolism. The past few years, that hasn't been working as well. (Not entirely sure how gray hairs effects one's metabolism, but they seem to.) No matter what I tell myself, I'm just not going to be exercising that much more, so decided to tra keto diet. My own doc pointed out (and in past I agreed with this statement), that any diet works for 6 months. That having been said, a close friend tried a keto diet with great results. He was seriously overweight, and within a year has slimmed down to merely somewhat heavyset. Nom and I decided to dive in and try it. She's scarcely fat either, but she's no longer a "size 0-0-0" (I'm not sure I believe that's a real size, but she has clothes that claim it is.) On the other hand, "you done have a baby (or two), miz scarlet." On the other, other hand, I have no objection to how she looks. On the other, other, other hand (we seem to need an octopus to keep up with the discussion), it is futile and possibly dangerous to tell one's wife anything about her weight, pro or con. Anyhow, starting New Years Day, we started.

So far, good results. Have started shedding the excess. The diet is a bit monotonous, and sometimes I just don't like the fatty mouth-feel, but some of that will improve as we figure out different recipes. In the long run, we shall see.

*gizinta = that which giz (goes) inta (into) your body/bank account.
*gizouta = that which giz (goes) outa (out of) your body/bank account.


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