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Just read some silly meme about Gen Z making Millennials feel old, by not recognizing xxx. Most was extremely stupid pop culture stuff, like "they didn't know my fav band from when I was in college," and a lot of the rest was other pop culture stuff. A few were clever like "why do you say 'hang up' on a phone call?"

That, and some discussions here about taking pictures of the eclipse the other night made me think about photographic apparatus (apparatuses? apparati? thingies to take pix) in general. When I was young, daguerreotypes were just coming into vogue, but they were very combersome... Okay, more seriously, when I was a kid, my father was a bit of a Popular Science / Popular Mechanics / gadget guy. I suppose getting the latest camera was the equivalent of being a tech-gizmo-nerd. Polaroids were a big thing! Before that, we had a Kodak Brownie camera. (Dang, those items would be worth a lot of money as antiques now.)

I'm actually very good at composing shots. (Photos, I mean, although very good with a side arm also.) Partly that is my artistic eye, which I inherited from my mother, partly because with film, every shot you took cost money. Dermatology is very visual, so as Residents (early 1990s) we were encouraged to get a good camera, with a macro lens and ring flash. (That I still have somewhere.) It took really good 35-mm slides, and I had quite a collection. In 2005, I was mobilized to Walter Reed Army Hospital, and was asked to give a talk. I asked the Residents if they had a slide projector anywhere. They nearly died laughing, and claimed they'd have to borrow one from the Smithsonian. A little while after that, I decided to digitalize my whole collection. Even that is barely worth it now, as so much high-quality stuff on-line, but if giving a talk it is cool to have MY picture up there (with copyright notice).

Patients often insist on showing me pictures of their skin conditions. *Sigh.*
First, you are sitting right there in the flesh and full-sized, why would I want to see a tiny image of you?
Second, you stink as a photographer, especially a medical photographer, and the image on your phone is terrible. All that having been said, although I do have a small digital camera in my office, like as not, when I want a picture, I use my phone. (But remember that thing about knowing how to compose shots? It really matters.)

I don't take many pix of generic skin disease, but am getting better about documenting before- and after- for the small amount of cosmetics I do, also we're trying to build up a file for our Cutaneous Lymphoma clinic patients.

Date: 2019-01-22 09:57 pm (UTC)
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Before that, we had a Kodak Brownie camera. (Dang, those items would be worth a lot of money as antiques now.)

There's a man in NYC who is reasonably well-known for going around still taking pictures with his Brownie camera.

Date: 2019-01-23 02:33 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] ravensron
Don't know what happened to the Brownie I had as a child, but still have some of the pix that were taken with it then.
Last pictures recently taken, at granddaughter's wedding, were done on someone's phone, that then got sent by e-mail to a computer which had a printer. Can't say if they are artistic or well-composed, but certainly are good pix of the people I wanted pix of.

Date: 2019-01-24 01:20 pm (UTC)
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I don't know if I've mentioned that my husband has been doing some film photography off and on as a hobby. We actually have a Brownie. It works, although the film is a little difficult to find.

I do agree that knowing film really makes you a better photographer, because of having to think about your shots more. If I were teaching photography I'd make serious students take a film class. One of the colleges where I occasionally taught a class did that. They were one of the few art departments that kept their dark room setup in the early 2000s. Smart.


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