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"I like to feel a healthy breeze around my privates…" (very minor character from one of the Harry Potter books). Except it never gets down to -17ºC (0ºF) in Scotland; highlands, lowlands, midlands, outer islands, then or now; or they wouldn't have taken up wearing kilts. On the other hand, it was really just between house and car (in which I put a blanket over my bear legs) to and fro to my friend's house for his annual Robbie Burns Night.

Between everyone there, we had a total of perhaps 1.25 Scotsmen, but still great fun. Some food (limited what can be eaten on a keto diet; but a small amount of haggis won't ruin the diet). Some chat. Some scotch (just a wee dram… or four). Some poetry - actually my favorite part last night (even if I cheated and recited Dave Van Ronk). There was something fascinating about sitting in a cozy living room, reading poetry from 2-1/2 centuries ago, with people of 3 (4?) generations. The dark, warm, comfy feeling of being immersed in a warm, slow river of history.

Date: 2019-01-27 10:17 pm (UTC)
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While temperature here in the Elysian Fields never has a minus in front of it - whether F or C - it has been just cold enough that I haven't been riding the bike to work. Yes, feel like a candy-ass, as would have used the bike every day when I was grandchildrens' age. But, now that you mention it, am also being scotch-deprived. Never drank it at all until a few years ago my son turned me on to actually good scotch. Lately though just haven't anyone to drink it with and using the money for other things.

Date: 2019-01-28 02:41 am (UTC)
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That sounds lovely - excepting for the temperature. Some day I WILL get myself to a Burns Night!


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