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Patient today was looking at my med school diploma, and said, "Wow, you graduated before I was born!" (Just had a haircut yesterday - my hair is now back its proper 1/2-mm length - and during said bloodletting haircutting was noting my salt-pepper-and-more-salt hair on the floor of the barbershop.)

"Okay, you just went from near top of the 'favorite patient' list to the bottom."

"No, I mean I thought you were in your 40's."

"Wow. Okay you're back near the top - in fact at the very top - of the list."

Maybe she's just a poor judge of ages, being a mere slip of a 30-something, but I'll take it.

Date: 2019-02-02 02:59 am (UTC)
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Ha! I love that. My hair is rapidly becoming a lot more salt. I could dye it but last time I did that (about 12 months ago) I actually missed the grey. Then I had a young doctor on my last appointment for my foot last year, and she said to me - in relation to my progress and being able to get back into running - 'How old are you?' and checks my file while I said, '42' and she said, 'Oh! I thought you were in your twenties!'

And yes, she is obviously misguided, but I'll take it too :)

Hope the cold is not too extreme for you over there right now. We're heading some impressive stories, not all of them great.


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