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The following are excerpts from a dialog with [personal profile] katharhino  at her DW, posted with her permission, to stimulate discussion.

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I do believe this is the first time I've done a meme. Possibly the last time also. I don't feel particularly edified by reading this, although I did enjoy reading the actual first entry of each month. I do realize I am posting much less, only several times/month, as opposed to at least once per day. I suppose that's normal in blogging, especially since I'm not currently deployed, and there is only just so many ways you can talk about how cute your kids are without terminally annoying your Gentle Readers. Anyhow, onward the meme!

Last boxes unpacked or semi-put-away. Mort Walker, the author of the comic strip "Beetle Bailey," just passed away. I haven't lived in NH since I moved up to Montreal, shortly after the glaciers receded, but that is still my official US state of residence. I was working in my study and Wallstreet came to sit in my lap. The kids were lying in my lap. How many warriorsavants does it take to change a light bulb? First: Happy Canada Day. My father was a locksmith, a Mr. Fixit of the old school; from him I got my mechanical skills. Friday, Nom & the kids were visiting the grandparents. Okay, not literally what the flyer said, but close. I'm afraid that my siblings and I are getting to the age where ailments are conversation. One is a rank-conscious, hide-bound, tradition-encrusted institution, that rewards and otherwise encourages conformity, group-think, and clichéd-thinking.
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For some reason, haven't directly posted there for over a year; just cross-posting from here. About the only people reading it there are from Russia. Have nothing against Russian people, but if there are journal are in written in Russian (or at least Cyrillic alphabet), and not leaving any comments in any language, doubt have much in common, or reason to cross post. Eventually the account will auto-delete. 

NOTE TO SELF: Started cross-posting April 22, 2017. Ending cross-posting July 17, 2017.
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Henceforth, I can be found at warriorsavant.dreamwidth.org (Yeah, keeping the 'warriorsavant' moniker. Partly because that's me, even if haven't been a warrior lately (and questionably if a savant), and partly because too busy to think of another clever name.) For the meanwhile, will crosspost to LJ, but comments only on DW.

Why am I moving? Mostly (as we say in the vernacular) Imma follow my peeps.

Why is everyone moving? If I understand correctly, LJ is owned by a Russian company, and has been for a number of years. Last December they finally moved the last of the servers to Russia, which means they are now obligated to follow Russian censorship laws. Russia is cracking down on political blogs, but also have pretty restrictive laws on LGBTQ content, etc. Technically anyone using LJ is bound by those Russian laws. For the new TOS (terms of service), the English translation is not legally binding but the Russian one is, which means non-Russian speakers (eg me and most people I know) accepted a TOS that we cannot read, which was the last straw for many. Let me point out that it is not unreasonable for a Russian site to say that the Russian-language TOS (which is a contract) is the legally binding one. I'm in Quebec, where the French language version of a law is what is legally binding. That is, if I thought I was following the law because I read a bad English translation (even if it was the official governement translation), and the original French language version was different, well, that's my problem. Same for any country. The "World" Wide Web isn't. A site hosted in a country, even a repressive one, has to follow the laws of that country.

Would that really effect LGBTQ posting on LJ? Probably not. However people are moving because everyone on various websites are up in arms about LJ is now a tool of the evil, anti-LGBTQ Russian gov’t or something. No, I don’t support that, but (a) this is not verified, (b) I have larger reasons to detest the Russian govt (conquering part of Ukraine; fomenting armed rebellion in other parts of Ukraine; supporting Assad and Kim, the two current world chaps for massacring their own people, one of who is using chemical warfare on them), (c) if I got righteously and wrathfully indignant over everything that every website insists I should be righteously and wrathfully indignant over, I’d have to clone myself 100 times and still not have enough hours in the day. So why am I considering moving? Partly because might be true (and all the other reasons to detest the Czarist Govt), plus everyone I know on LJ seems to be moving, so I don’t want to lose my vast, dedicated cadre of followers (either of you).

See you on Dreamwidth.

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Hello everyone in Russia who reads my journal:

I've very flattered that total strangers, who post in a language I can't read (although some of the pictures you post are interesting), wish to read my writing. I am curious who you are, how you came upon my humble LJ, and what you think of my posts.

Na Zdorovie,


Sep. 28th, 2016 09:51 am
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Have several long posts in my head that need doing, but don't have the time to do time. *pout*

Just posting this to let all my Gentle Readers (both of you) know I still love you.

Will post some little heart symbol to prove it, since [livejournal.com profile] ecosopher just showed me how to do it: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

For those who care, type "& hearts ;" (without the quote marks, and without the spaces, but "hearts" is plural). Supposedly can also type alt3, possibly works on a windows machine, but with a mac that gives you a pound (as in UK currency) sign, which could be transactional love if I have any UK readers. £
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(Info passed to me by [livejournal.com profile] ravensron All statistics and numbers verified by the highly scientific method of "yeah, sounds good to me.")

Historical evidence is that the murder rate (at least in what we consider the western world) is 1/30 of what it was in 13th century.  Wars in the 17th century killed 2% of the population, wars in the 20th killed .7%.  But, I hear you say, isn't killing so much easier now that we have reliable guns?  I'm glad you asked:
The number of physicians in the USA is 700,000
Accidental deaths caused by physicians per year = 120,000, according to conservative estimate from federal Dept. of Health and Human Services.
Accidental deaths/physician thus = .171
The number of gun owners in the USA is 80,000,000
Accidental deaths caused by guns per year = 1500
Accidental deaths/gun owner = .0000188
Thus, we see doctors are approximately 9,000 times more dangerous than gun owners!
Remember: "Guns don't kill people, doctors do!"
Important fact: Not everyone has a gun, but just almost everyone has at least one doctor. Please alert your friends to this alarming threat.   We must institute doctor-control before this gets completely out of hand! OUT OF CONCERN FOR THE PUBLIC AT LARGE,  WE HAVE WITHHELD STATISTICS ON LAWYERS FOR FEAR THE GREAT SHOCK WOULD CAUSE PEOPLE TO PANIC...AND SEEK TO GO TO DOCTORS.

Some related notes:
1. With my military medical career, I'm often asked if I've killed anyone. I'm never sure if they are asking if I'm a compentent marksman, or incompetent doctor. (BTW: yes to the first, no to the second, and in fact, so far as I know, I've never killled anyone, except in the comedic sense of "killing" your audience.)
2. Was eventually going to do a post about this, but don't have the time to structure a good one. However, simply put, these numbers also support my point, that contrary to the "sky is falling" school of modern life, that the chances of being killed by murder, terrorism, or war, is the lowest it's ever been in history. Watch less TV news, read more history; it gives great prespective and comfort.
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The icon for "renovations." It's a mushroom cloud superimposed on a ruined house.
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A reference within a reference that [livejournal.com profile] ravensron sent me was a brief treatise on men carrying a pocket notebook. http://www.artofmanliness.com/2010/09/13/the-pocket-notebooks-of-20-famous-men/

This is a lot more than just “keep a pen and paper handy.” (Although when I was a junior officer, we were told that the most important field items for j.o.’s were a flashlight, pen & paper.) A scientist’s notebooks are considered practically sacred, and that is traditionally pounded into the head of grad students in science. (Not sure with computers everywhere if that is still the case, but should be.) The famous men listed in the article were not all scientists, but all had reason to keep observations of daily life, some of which spun off into science, art, & literature. I also once recalled reading that Charles Dodgson, aka Lewis Caroll kept a pocket notebook, which he used to keep track of correspondence, with little symbols for received, sent, importance, etc.

All of these men would review their notes while they were traveling, waiting, etc. At such moments, modern people fill in the time with more important things like Wastebook. (Writes the man posting this to his blog.) Sometimes a blog is similar, filled with random observations that may become important sources of knowledge or inspiration, or important references later, but mostly not.

The closest I came to this habit was deployed to Iraqi Freedom (pre-LJ days for me). I still have the 3 green Army-issue notebooks. Each day started with tabulating the weather, scud strikes, & how many cups of coffee, tea, and spiced coffee I drank with my Kuwaiti counterparts. From there, went on to notes about the day. Not quite the stuff of Charles Darwin or Mark Twain, but important to me at the time.
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I think there was more commentary on my coffee postings than on those about international affairs. I guess it makes sense, coffee is an essential food group and a great joy; international affairs is the same dreary story century after century. Here are a few more mental meanderings to add to the last 2 posts:

1. I confess to once having had a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte when I was desperate for caffeine and there was no other option (forgive me, gods of coffee). It was actually good, as long as you accept it for what it is: ersatz flavored sweetness that happens to contain caffeine. Okay as long as this what you want, and you don't confuse it with coffee, sorta the drinkable equivalent of the difference between Macdonald's and dining.

2. From a discussion with [livejournal.com profile] ravensron "American" coffee can often be little more than brown tinged water these days, but note comments about old-fashioned percolator coffee. Of course, that was in the good ole days in the US, when men were men, women were women, and sheep were nervous. The meaning of "regular" varies with where you are. I was surprised the first time someone asked if I wanted regular coffee and it came with <s>crap</s> milk and sugar in it. My friend who was an RCAF fighter pilot in the Cold War days used to call that "NATO standard." Taking that up a notch for adding stuff is the Canadian "double double" which is with two milk and two sugar, mostly at Timmies (a.k.a. Tim Hortons, a national chain/institution).

3. Following suggestions by [livejournal.com profile] mme_n_b I tried cold extraction, both with and without Vodka. It is smooth, and very highly caffeinated. However, I find the version made with water to be rather boring to the taste, whereas the Vodka adds a lovely bite to it. I always was found of Irish Coffee and coffee with Kahlua. Alcohol and coffee: mixing two the essential food groups, let's you do stupid things faster and with more energy. I also tried making Turkish coffee, which I used to do regularly, but haven't in many years. I seem to have lost the touch. Going to have to work on it.

4. Last but not least, when I want to have "dessert in a cup," I'll sometimes make Vietnamese coffee, a.k.a. café sho da (literally "coffee ice milk"). It's made by slow dripping chicory coffee into iced sweetened condensed milk. An even better dessert than cappuccino. Yum (just like certain Vietnamese women I know/am married to).
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While trying to fall asleep last night, re-read my posts when Hedgefund was born. Got all misty-eyed (and BTW Gentle Readers, thanks for all the kind words). Had to laugh though, when noted that she was too small for even the smallest onesie. However, since she has large paws, I expect she'll grow quite large. Oh wait, that's a puppy. Hedgefund has lovely small hands (which currently tend to grab everything in reach then throw it on the floor). Anyhow, she does seem set to get my height, as at 6 months, she can only fit the 18-24 month onesies, which are the biggest size. {My baby's growing (up). *sniff*}

Maybe onesies are sized kind of the inverse of women's clothing. Women's clothing has been slowly undergoing a size-inflation. "Oh look, I'm still a size-4." Yeah, but 10 years ago, something that big was a size-6 or -8 or size-oxen. To make up for it, they created size-0 (which probably means you don't exist), not to mention double- and triple-0. For babies, they do the opposite; they tell you the onesies are for older babies than they actually are, so parents feel good about "how big my baby's growing."

As for Hedgefund, those long legs will stand her in good stead when she's a super model. Or Olympic Athlete. Or both. Neither of which will be her career, just a pleasant interlude before she goes to medical school and business school, en route to becoming CEO of a Fortune-500 company. But no pressure there, kid. We want you take enjoy life too. Take time out to smell the roses. Mom will put it on your agenda: Mondays 9:00-9:05 AM "smell roses."
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You actually can change back to the old one, but it's a bit convoluted. They sent me these instructions, which do work:

Thank you for your inquiry. You can switch back to the old version
temporarily (until the beta period for the redesign is completed), but
doing so is a bit unwieldy because an icon is not displaying properly at
the moment.
When viewing any system page that shows the
standard blue header banner (such as the home page), there will be a link
labeled "Post in blog" near the right side of the banner.

To the right of the "Post in blog" link, there is what
appears to be a blank space, and then an envelope icon. Click on that blank
space between "Post in blog" and the envelope icon. The image at http://ic.pics.livejournal.com/markf/1314111/43922/43922_original.jpg
shows how this will appear.
A dialog box will appear with information about the redesign -- at the bottom of that dialog, there is a "Switch back to old version" link you can use to return to the
previous version. An image of this dialog box can be seen at http://ic.pics.livejournal.com/markf/1314111/44151/44151_original.jpg.
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Perhaps a more accurate title for this post would be “On Names, Pseudonyms, and Confusion. However I like the title, as well as being a poem by WH Auden and a short story by Ray Bradbury.

No one on LJ has a real name, only a nom de blog. Part of that is custom, part is preserving anonymity on-line. I figure there is enough data about all of us floating around cyberspace, that I don’t want to add to it. In addition, not using names is rather a family custom. For whatever reason, we rarely use names of/for our nearest-and-dearest, instead using nicknames, or terms of endearment, or even referential terms (eg: Dad, Favorite Brother, My Sister, or Our Mutual Sister). I know this annoys some people, or is even regarded as rude, but that’s the way we are. (Which, as noted, segués nicely into LJ custom of “no names.”)

Nom, I might point out, is not actually my paramour’s name. I do, however, also call her Nom in real life (I’ve explained elsewhere how that came about), or assorted terms of endearment, rather than Xxxxxx (her real name). Most of my family and friends call her that too. (On the other hand, her friends call her Xxxxxx but her family calls her by her VN name.) She’s gotten so used to how I address her, that I confused her the rare times that I use her real name. She likes facial tissues (a.k.a. Kleenex, but that would be using a brand name as a generic, not to mention using “someone’s” real name on LJ), which not all stores carry. We’re running low, and I mentioned that next time we went shopping, we needed to get some “Xxxxxx-approved facial tissue.” She looked slightly annoyed for a second. “Who was this other woman I was talking about and why did I care what kind of facial tissue she wanted.”

Similarly, we had my decorator friend meet us at one of the houses we are interested in. (Said house is at the very top end of what we can afford, and how much it would cost to fix it up would be an issue if we could even bid on it.) This woman has the nickname in real life of Sky, I’ve known her long enough that I only refer to her that way. I’d told Nom we were meeting her at the house, having forgotten that she doesn’t use that nickname professionally. When we got there, Sky stuck out her hand and said, “hi, I’m Yyyyyy.” Nom look shook her hand, said, “I’m Xxxxxx,” then looked at me and said, “I thought your friend Sky was meeting us here.”

Poor Nom. She’ll get used to my ways some day.
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Rainbow Dash Sniper (aka the default icon for the non-existent blog "warrior daddy")

Thanks to my many fans for the input (after you finished choking on your soup). It was a close contest, but something about Rainbow (Bambo?) just spoke to me.
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Do I have to rename this blog daddysavant? warriordaddy? Naw, ain't gonna happen.

No doubt those of my Gentle Readers who have children of their own have been smiling, partly with me, partly at me. I'm aware that all my experiences and "revelations" are new only to me; all parents go through them. Maybe some day Hedgefund will read it and she will smile - or pick up some tips - or.... Sorry, lost my train of thought, had to watch someone stretch and yawn.

We're back home. Day three of her life. Last night let Nom get some much needed sleep; I took care of Hedgefund in and around answering her fan mail. In between typing, even when not actively caring for her, being entranced by her smiles. Intellectually I am completely aware it is the effect of oxytocin on the brain; on the other hand, don't care, am enjoying it.

Enough oxytocin, combined with some prolactin, and I could breast feed. Uh, no. Guess, I'm just not dedicated enough parent.

I realize, that just b/c there are now little people things that have to be done (eg: food, laundry), the big people things don't stop - we also need food and to do laundry. (Yeah, stop laughing at me) Last night, en route home, part of the discussion was "want do you want for dinner/do we have any food in the house?" Answers were: "dunno" and "dunno." Actually, didn't have much in the house and didn't feel like stopping so had frozen pizza and drank a toast to our new family (with club soda). Felt just about right.

Day 2

Nov. 10th, 2013 08:49 pm
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Nom's having actually moved in with me won't actually sink in until tonight, when the weekend ends, and she doesn't go home. I suspect we'll both survive.

Did some shopping today, but mostly unpacked and tried to find place for everything. It's amazing that, for two people who "don't have much stuff," we seem to have lot's of stuff when trying to merge two households and put everything away. Since I'm a very neat and orderly person*, and since stuff expands to fill the available closet space**, I had everything kinda spread out. Not really spread out, but a space for everything.

Have been going through our "not very much stuff" and seeing what could be thrown out (not really that much), consolidating some***, and rearranging my stuff to make room for her stuff.

Am making room in the closet in the den by going through old photos and clippings and putting them into books. Nom tells me that she doesn't need that much space here. I point out that I've been meaning to do this for, well, years, and it's a good excuse. Organizing photos and souvenirs and old Army memorabilia was on my "to do" list. Specifically under the heading of "to do... eventually... before I die... if I get around to it." Really did want to get to this before Hedgefund is born or likely won't do it before I die (and equally likely after that). I am enjoying looking at the photos, which is what they're there for. Found a stack of emails from when I was deployed to OIF-1 (Kuwait/Iraq 2002-03). Didn't start blogging until the next deployment (Afghanistan 2007), but did email my brother. Since my parents didn't do email, he'd print them out and snail mail them to my parents. They saved them, and later gave them to me. Will sort them out and put into binders as a pseudo-blog (if feeling really energetic might scan them, but not likely).

* Like that's a surprise.
** Years ago, had a friend who renovated her condo and only put in one closet on the grounds that however many closets you have, you fill them (and so accumulate junk).
*** "Okay, we both have half a bottle of laundry detergent, we can pour the contents of one bottle into the other bottle." That way can throw out one bottle (saving space) and not have to decide if the bottles were half full or half empty (saving a philosophical argument).****
**** Yeah, I'm footnoting a footnote; deal with it. Anyhow, a bottle is always completely full - half with liquid, half with air. Mostly, I just say "it's half of bottle of whatever" and let my interlocutor draw his/her own conclusions.
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A goodly chunk of life is spent just running your life: paying bills, buying necessities, doing laundry, etc. This morning am some administrative housekeeping, both for home and work. Of course, I do the most important tasks first, like updating LJ. Renewed my account (so you're stuck with me for at least another year) and did some "administrative housekeeping." I have too many tags, and decided to rename or remove some of the lesser-used ones, including the one housekeeping. Sometimes tags seem really important when you create them, but almost never get used again. Every now and again, I go thru the list and get rid of some of the rarely-used ones, like plumbing and housekeeping. Sometimes they get replaced by other tags, sometimes just deleted. A few (like dr. who and museum-amer. mus. nat'l hist.) I keep b/c they are important on some level even if I rarely use them. A few (like politics and political systems) get merged. 

Yeah, okay, I'm boring. Time to do some real work. Seeing Nom later. Have a good weekend Gentle Readers.
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Smartphone  We started off with the bad. My crackberry died. One minute working, the next dead. Fortunately there's a dealership around the corner from me. Unfortunately, they confirmed it was dead (and off warrantee). Now have a shiny new crackberry Z10. Does all sorts of neat things, if I can only figure out what they are. I think I can even make calls on it.

Haircut  Still trying to get a non-Army cut that Nom likes, and that I can live with. I think we've gotten something close. Close in the back, fairly close on the sides, a bit of length (say an inch or so) in front and on top, with a small amount of (*gag*) mousse. I actually bought a comb.

  Life of Pi. Beautiful. Very good, although slow in parts. Reasonably faithful to the book from what I remember (it's been a long time). Worth seeing.
  Expendables. Had seen Expendables 2 in the theater, which was fun in a goofy way. It was meant to be a spoof on action movies. Thought should see the first one (on DVD). It was also goofy fun, but it was meant to be a serious action adventure movie, if that's not an oxymoron. As long as you accepted the lousy acting, silly story, and cartoon violence for what they were, it was fun.

Nom's Family  Her cousin who'd moved to Toronto came in for visit. About a dozen went out to dim sum for brunch. Not bad, but way too much food.

Food, other Had some. Nothing earthshaking.

Multiple blogs  I know some of my Gentle Readers have blogs on other sites as well. Sorry, I love you all, but not going to check multiple sites. I might end up the last person on LJ, in which case I will shut out the light at the end of the tunnel and stop blogging, but for now, here I am, and here you are.

Butterflies!  Papillon Libre (Butterflies are free) at Botanical Gardens. The New Yorker in me blushes to write this, but even better than the one at Natural History Museum in NYC. Bigger, more butterflies, more varieties of butterflies.
Butterfly pix )
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These are all items I promised to explain or get back to you about.

BDSM, Celine, Men in Pantyhose - what do these have in common:
Nothing per se. It was an experiment. A friend and Gentle Reader claimed that these topics in the subject line would draw a huge number of hits. Partly correct. Did get more hits than most posts, but less than about the Tongue Troopers. Apparently people are more interested in language wars and the silliness of the Quebec Gov’t than they are in pop divas and unusual sexual practices. Almost gives one hope for our times.

Hawaii - some miscellaneous facts:
- “Hawaii” can refer to several different but related things. Most commonly, it is the 50th US State. It is composed of 8 large islands (7 of them inhabited) but most people only think of the 4 largest: Hawaii itself (a.k.a. “the big island”), Oahu (where is the capital, Honolulu), Maui and Kauai (the most beautiful). - The state of Hawaii actually includes 100’s of islands and atolls of the Hawaiian Island Chain, stretching across 1500 miles (2400 Km) from the big island (which is about 1/3 of the way across the Pacific) to Midway (which is not-surprisingly, half-way across), although Midway is federal territory, not part of the state of Hawaii.
- The islands were formed by a magma hotspot, which remains stationary as the tectonic plate floats northwest. Therefore Hawaii (big island) in the southeast is the newest and largest island, still being formed by active volcanoes, whereas the atolls in the northwest are the oldest and slowly subsiding into the ocean.
- Hawaii is the southernmost (take that Texas and Florida), but Alaska is actually the westernmost.

The money Nom's father gave me for Tet (for luck and prosperity)... the coffee was good, the lottery tickets didn't win, and I doubt I changed the lives of any panhandlers (although how would I actually know) but have 2 more toonies to give away.

Quoting myself:
John Adams once said to Benjamin Franklin: “Good God, Ben, I have better things to do than stand around and listen to you quote yourself all day.” Actually, why not quote from the best, so as I once pointed out:
Everyone has baggage. For some people it’s a carry-on, for others it’s a couple of steamer trunks.
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Not big on memes, but [livejournal.com profile] ecosopher talked me into this one. It is the first sentance of the first posting of each month of 2012. Her's seemed to make an interesting coherent flow, mine less so, but I leave my Gentle Readers to be the judge of that.

It looks rather like the one in the icon. For entertainment value for your dollar, iPad games are the best. Last night I disassembled it to fix it, then found out I didn't have any big enough wood screws, and the hardware store was already closed by that time. Just had an article published. Rereading my last post, I was struct by references to my past. Reading an interesting book, The Forger's Spell by Edward Dolnick, It was Nom's birthday last night, and we celebrated at Chef Jerome Ferrer's restaurant Europea. Many things happened on this our last day, but the Basilica of Sagrada Familia deserves it’s own posting. Nom and I took a romantic cruise, with a show, and fine dining. Saw The Tempest the other night. I think I’ve mentioned that my French is quite variable. Thur - Leonard Cohen: Leonard Cohen, the great Montreal born singer, songwriter, poet, and author, was in town for 2 sold-out concerts. 


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