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Camping out at home.  Moved 2 large mattresses together on the floor of the Blue Room (WS's bedroom), so we could also sleep together. Brought in HF's new nightlight (Sky from Paw Patrol), not to mention all the pillows, blankets, and of course, books. Normally, we put them to sleep separately, and this is way they usually settle down fairly quickly and easily. Unfortunately, putting the kids together, they stimulate each other: bouncing around, shrieking, running in circles, and generally behaving like maniacs (eg normal kid behavior). By the time we did get them calmed down, I was stimulated, and after everyone else eventually fell asleep, I repaired to the Red Room (master bedroom) and eventually managed to get to sleep myself.


Snow removal.  Oddly fascinating. During the snowfall, they hastily plow the streets (and sidewalks), but that just piles huge amounts of snow to the sides of the street, leaving them only marginally passable, plus there's a limit to how much can be piled throughout the winter. Eventually they have road construction machinery and plows move it into neat-ish lines, then another machine pulls it up and blows it into waiting dump trucks to be carted off to somewhere it can sit until it melts in late spring (eg: Canada Day).


Book review.  Jeeves and the King of Clubs by Ben Schott. I grew up adoring the Wooster and Jeeves stories by P.G. Wodehouse. This novel, approved by the estate, claims to be an homage to body of works, but could equally be a sequel, pastiche, parody, or all of the above. Overall, I liked it. Some of it went well outside what Bertie Wooster's world would have allowed, and some of it made too liberal use of the mannerism embedded in the stories, but overall well done. I hope he'll write another one, which P.G.W. can't, what with being dead. Such state being an handicap to writing, although not necessarily to being published, and certainly not to being read.


Skiing - not an unmitigated disaster

    We're not skiers. This is unfortunate, because (a) it's one of the national passtimes (besides fighting about languages), and (b) it would make winter more bareable. Nom never skied. I tried once or twice, but essentially never did. 

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Jan. 14th, 2019 01:34 pm
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I've always felt that most fad diets were exactly that: fads. Body weight is much like a bank balance: if the "gizintas*" are greater than the "gizoutas*" it goes up; if it is lower than the gizoutas, it does down. In the case of weight, we are talking calories, and not very important if one changes the caloric balance by lower gizintas (eat less) or higher gizoutas (exercise more).

I'm scarcely fat, especially by N. American standards, but just before the holidays I realized I was the heaviest I'd ever been. My weight has been fairly stable for most of my adult life. (In rounds numbers, it's been "none of your business.") It went up several pounds after I got out of the Army -> exercised less -> had kids -> exercised less. Still, I was never a huge exercise buff. Most of my life, I kept my weight down by depending on good genetics/high metabolism. The past few years, that hasn't been working as well. (Not entirely sure how gray hairs effects one's metabolism, but they seem to.) No matter what I tell myself, I'm just not going to be exercising that much more, so decided to tra keto diet. My own doc pointed out (and in past I agreed with this statement), that any diet works for 6 months. That having been said, a close friend tried a keto diet with great results. He was seriously overweight, and within a year has slimmed down to merely somewhat heavyset. Nom and I decided to dive in and try it. She's scarcely fat either, but she's no longer a "size 0-0-0" (I'm not sure I believe that's a real size, but she has clothes that claim it is.) On the other hand, "you done have a baby (or two), miz scarlet." On the other, other hand, I have no objection to how she looks. On the other, other, other hand (we seem to need an octopus to keep up with the discussion), it is futile and possibly dangerous to tell one's wife anything about her weight, pro or con. Anyhow, starting New Years Day, we started.

So far, good results. Have started shedding the excess. The diet is a bit monotonous, and sometimes I just don't like the fatty mouth-feel, but some of that will improve as we figure out different recipes. In the long run, we shall see.

*gizinta = that which giz (goes) inta (into) your body/bank account.
*gizouta = that which giz (goes) outa (out of) your body/bank account.

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Over lunch I took a long walk along the Canal. Then back along Notre-Dame street because (a) never go back the same way, and (b) to get a cappuccino. Leisurely but about 1.5-2 miles, which considering how little exercise I've been getting these past years, is good. It was rainy and a little cool, but not cold. A jacket and an umbrella did nicely. It's too easy over lunch to sit at my desk and fart around on the internet; it felt good to get the blood stirring.
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I'm slowly getting back into doing something vaguely resembling exercise. (Wow! How's that for a highly non-definite statement?) The bambini, especially the girl-child (Hedgefund, in case you have not been keeping track), loves being rolled around the basement in the little umbrella stroller. I don't remember where we got it, but I don't think it's ever been outside. Sometimes she just likes being pushed, sometimes it gets her to sleep. Rather like driving her around in the car, but more ecological and better exercise for Papa. Regardless, she enjoys it (sometimes the two bambini take turns), and I get in some exercise, at least 20-30 minutes of walking, along with what she considers quality time. Note to over-programmed, over-achievers everywhere: "quality time" is defined by whatever the child thinks it is. Sometimes, if I get up early (or rarely even if I don't), I get on the treadmill. I've gone from slow walk, to brisk walk, to some intervals of very slow running. It's exercise, plus I'm getting caught up on Season 10 of "Doctor Who."
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I haven't been getting a lot of exercise lately. Say, for the past 2-1/2 years. I realize that the most exercise the average person gets is jumping to conclusions, and I've never been a serious athlete/gym rat, but at least for several decades I did something resembling regular exercise, and had an Exercise Stress Test to prove it did something. (Thank you, US Military, for making me take those *$^&#_! regular Physical Fitness Tests.) It's not so much a question of weight (which has been stable for several decades regardless of how much I do or don't exercise), but fitness.

This past Saturday, I decided to start doing something about it. There was some stuff I needed at my office (just over a mile from home), and I walked there and back. Felt good (except for having done it in dress shoes - silly me). Sunday, as posted, we went to YULEAT food festival, and walked around for several hours. Monday, being Labor Day, we rested.

Tuesday, I set my alarm half hour earlier, and walked to work. There are some problems with that walk: (1) at least half the year the weather is the pits (okay, 90% of the year), and (2) it's a really boring walk. Regardless, had the good sense to put on sneakers (brought the dress shoes in a back pack) and walked it. We were out of coffee at home (the horror, the horror). That's okay, I said to myself, since I'm going to be walking right past Lili and Oli, and can get a large cup of their excellent cappuccino to fuel my trip (and likely add back in all the calories burned walking). They don't open that early. Withdrawal symptoms immediately kicked in. Okay, I survived until I could get to my office and fire up the coffee maker.

The rather boring street I walk up is a major traffic artery, and with all the construction going on around town is constantly jammed. STM, the local transit authority, had the clever promotional idea of handing out flyers suggesting they had a solution to gridlock, which were good for a transit card with 10 free rides. Their plan was to give it to motorists stalled in traffic. I sorta chuckled to myself in that I had a solution - I was walking. Regardless, one of the dudes handing out the flyers gave me one. He probably figured that the faster he gave them out, the faster he could stop standing around on a street corner with a stupid sign and a heavy stack of flyers. I figured that even if I had my solution at the moment, I do sometimes take the Metro, and free rides are free rides.

Then I got to my office, and brewed some coffee, which is the solution to many problems.
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Had been bemoaning my lack of working out, and vaguely thinking of calling GymTeacher* again. Just haven't had time, what with being busy working, teaching, and having little fussbudgets climb all over me taking care of children. However, I've realized that they provide all the exercise I need: picking them up, carrying them, running after them, etc.

I'm thinking Hedgefund has all the makings of a professional fitness trainer. Always push the client to his limit, and then some. No days off.

She does recognize when I'm not at my best:
  "Papa sick."
  "Papa tired."
  "Poor Papa."
  "Hedgefund heavy." (After she's had me pick her up, carry her.)
However, these are merely observations, none of which are allowed to interfere with my working out picking her up, etc. As I said, she has all the makings of a good fitness trainer. However, if she ever looks at me and says, "do two more," then GymTeacher just adopted himself a toddler.

*So-called because when I was first working out with him, Evil Secretary's son was still in HS. One day when I was scheduled to meet him after my office, I was running late trying to get something finished. She said, "don't you have to meet your gym teacher?" I raised an eyebrow at her referring to him as such. "Well… whatever you call them at your age."


Nov. 14th, 2015 03:56 pm
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Hedgefund has taken up acrobatics. Well, she's taken up running to the door when I come home, to hug and get picked up, and spun around in mid air. She loves it. Her mom and grandmother avert their eyes, since they're afraid I'm going to drop her. I clearly hate it (as you can see by the expression on my face) but tolerate it because I need exercise. Yeah, I admit it would be a lot harder with a full-sized adult (NZ contingent), but can do it so much faster and repeatedly with a toddler, and laugh ever so much more.

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Many years ago, Gym Teacher climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro for a charity event.

I suppose that requires some backstory. He was my fitness trainer, when I indulged in such a thing. Now, I don't exercise get my exercise running after a toddler trying to keep her from killing herself. G.T. got his sobriquet when I was doing something in my office just before going to meet him, and Evil Secretary said, "don't you have to meet your gym teacher now?" For once she was not being sarcastic, her son was in High School at the time, and 'gym teacher' was the reasonable term in her mind for such a person.

Anyhow, he was going to do one of those have people sponsor you to do XXX for charity things, in this case, to climb Kilimanjaro. To donating to a worthy cause, he added the incentive of workouts would be inversely difficult to how much was donated. He wasn't actually a big enough jerk to do that, but the although I forget now what cause it was, it was a worthy one, so was happy to help.

It was not so much a mountain climbing expedition as an energetic bit of tourism, with local people hired to carry the tents and such up the mountain. In more colonial, and less politically correct, times, these personnel would be called "native bearers." Understand that although Gym Teacher was indeed quite fit, Montreal is at 90 feet above sea level, and Kilimanjaro is 16000, so altitude is a serious issue. That gave me the delightful image of G.T., carrying nothing but his water bottle, barely crawling up the mountainside, while trying to explain to a well-acclimatized local, who was bounding uphill like a mountain goat while carrying all the gear, that back in Canada, he trained people to be fit. "That's nice, sir, I'll have your tent waiting for you at the next stop."

Hedgefund loves going up the stairs. Since the risers are above her knee, it is the equivalent of rock-climbing for an adult. I prefer letting her explore and otherwise do what she wants, as long as she doesn't break anything, especially herself. She's getting more sensible, but I will breath easier when she actually understands that stoves can burn you (sometimes) and gravity makes you fall down when unsupported (always). In fact, one of my maxims is, "gravity never sleeps." She generally waits for me at the bottom of the stairs, looking at me and smiling for me to accompany her. Not sure if she understands it’s a safety measure, wants me to play mountaineer with her, or realizes I need the exercise. Regardless, she waits for me. She also likes to carry a couple of drool face cloths around the apartment with her, and often her suce. Since it's hard to climb with something in your hands, she has taken to handing them to me before starting up. I'm her native bearer! "Here, lackey, hold my suce while I go rock climbing."
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Went out for a run. Decided to try wind-sprints. Definitely more wind than sprint today. Got out as far as I was planning on going when it started raining. *Sigh* If only I'd brought my soap, I could have saved time on showering later.

On the bright side, there was a nice rainbow, with the faintest hint of a second rainbow. The most glorious rainbow(s) I ever saw was from an airplane. If you're up in the air, the rain"bow" is a complete circle. There were actually 4 concentric circles. The outermost was just barely visible in spots, the 3rd was only patches of rainbow, but easy to see, the 2nd was a complete circle, and the innermost was a complete circle & incredibly vivid. For one small part, the crowning touch was that the sun was directly behind us, and threw a tiny shadow of our airplane on a cloud in the very center of the quadruple rainbow.

As for today, just a bit of an ordinary rainbow, not too bad a soaking, and not too bad a run.

5 Km!

Aug. 6th, 2015 06:53 pm
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Finally got my running up to 5 Km/3 mi. Yay me! Looking back, I actually started running outdoors 3-4 months ago, so not bad. We will not discuss how long it actually took me to run this distanceShhh.... ), but really "run" is a courtesy title for what I was doing. Hedgefund said she could have crawled it that fast. No matter, I made the distance.
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They say every cloud has a silver lining. Not sure who "they" are, but someone should tell "them" that if you go poking around thunder clouds (a.k.a. cumulonimbus) long enough, you're likely to be struck by lightening. That having been said, the one slight silver lining to the dark clouds of Hedgefund's having brought home gasto (a.k.a. Montreal's Revenge), is having lost a coupla pounds. Not really the recommended way to do that, but I am trying to look on the bright side.

Some years back, I pushed my running up a notch, and got shin splints as a reward. It was towards the end of my Army career, and no doubt pushing the exercise was some sort of denial about that phase of my life ending and my getting older. Between being forced to cut back on exercise, and being a bit depressed post-deployement/post-retiring (more than a bit at one point) and therefore eating more, I put on some weight. Nothing major, but noticeable. For most of my adult life, I'd been the same weight, just under 196 lbs = 89 Kg = 14 stone (well, would = 14 stone, if that unit actually existed, which it doesn't). Post-retirement, I'd put on about 10 lbs, and it was being stubborn. I finally hit upon the solution: don't eat so much. Yeah, I know, radical concept. There were bits of esoteric sub-solutions, like: don't eat junk food, don't eat cookies, stop eating when you feel full. Surprise, it worked.

While looking for inspiration, came across pro-anorexia nervosa websites. Yes, there are all sorts of strange and terrible things on the net. They seem to be divided into the truly tragic ones of people who know they have an eating disorder and accepting that it is going to kill them, and people who view it as a "lifestyle." What I find bizarrely interesting about this latter group is how much terminology and thought-patterns they share in common with gym rats: stay strong, you can have the kind of body you want as long as you're strong, stay goal focused, motivational pictures, and most funny in a twisted way is the slogan "hunger is fat leaving the body," patterned on the gym rat's "pain is weakness leaving the body." In both cases, they take motivation to a good end, and twist it to stupidity to a bad end. (A process they have in common with most fanatics.)

Anyhow, not going anorexic (nor for that matter, becoming a hard-core gym rat), but both types of sites did remind me that self-control and will-power are important. Sometimes it's just the little voice in my head pointing that I really don't need the bag of chips, I just need to be "strong" for 15 seconds and not buy it. It has worked; I got down to my normal adult weight. Then got gastro and dropped a couple of pounds below that. The will power part I recommend. The gastro, not so much.

Which Who?

May. 26th, 2015 08:17 am
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During my meagre fits of treadmill, I tend to watch Netflix to try to stave off the boredom, mostly Dr. Who, the new series (the one that started in 2004). Recently have been alternating with episodes of classical Dr. Who (the original series 1963-1989). It's really, really hokey, and even as camp, can't watch too much at once. However, I enjoy the concept of following the adventures of this time traveler in what, is in effect, two different time streams simultaneously.
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Today started in my office, created wellness (or something) for about 2-1/2 hrs, then went up to the Uni to teach, then had a meeting with another Derm, then went to my teaching clinic at JGH. Had fun, but tired. At least when met with the other guy, we had lunch together. Went to an “Israeli” resto, seemed to be an Israeli-Thai-Italian resto judging by the menu. We had one plate of felafel w/ hummus, one dish (whose name escapes me) which was eggs cooked in tomatoes. Unusual but good. I actually like everything I did today, just a bit frazzled doing it all. (And of course, then come home and bit someone's toes, not to mention trying to eat dinner while she's in my lap trying to play with my dinner.)

I’ve been doing a lot of teaching this week, to the point of sometimes having to check where I was. “Uh, what am I supposed to be teaching you right now?” Good thing all the talks can be carried on a thumb-drive and inserted into the relevant computer/projector. We have some of the 1st year Med student teaching, plus some of the 2nd year both happening this week, as well as ITE (Inservice Training Exam) for our Residents tomorrow. That happening tomorrow, they were all looking very stressed today, practically vibrating. I do remember how stressful those exams were, so only made a few token efforts at “hey, you know you’ll do okay.” They will do okay, but they’ll stress bit time until it happens.

In other news, actually went out and ran the other day. I mean on the jogging path along the canal, in the outdoors; as opposed to on a treadmill, in my condo, indoors. The negative: no Dr. Who to watch while doing it. The positive: actually enjoyed the scenery and fresh air. The following day took my bike out for the first time in ages. Two days in a row of outdoor activity - no wonder I’m sore and tired.
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As someone with a lot of interests and activities, it's always been hard to fit it all in. Add one baby, divide childcare between two parents and grandma part time, and we each need about 26 hours/day more. The only way is to multi-task, or at least combine tasks. I've tried reading my Derm journals out loud to her, but she just tries to eat the pages (gonna have to work on her study habits). Have finally found something that works

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Went for a good bike ride yesterday: along the Lachine Canal, down to the Old Port, then out to Ile Ste Helene (where Expo 67 was held) and around the Jacques Villeneuve track (where they hold the F1 races) then home.

The part around the racetrack was a good brisk pace, but it was crowded along the Canal. Many families out together. In a few years, it’s gonna be “Sweetie, let’s go for a bike ride together,” and “Awww, isn’t she cute on her little bicycle, pedaling along.” That’s in a few years. Now I’m thinking “Hey, get your kid off the bike path, there’s some grown ups trying to do some serious exercise here.” All is perspective.
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Am writing this on my Laptop. Do I have a laptop? Why, yes, and she’s named Hedgefund. (However, am writing this on my MacBook Pro, which is perched on a chair nearby, what with my lap being occupied as noted.) The operating system that comes with Hedgefund can be quite fussy sometimes, but she has a very attractive casing. She really looks more and more like a person each day.

Today is Canada Day, so am off. Was going to go out for a bike ride, but (1) I’m on call, and need to be able to hear my phone,  (2) it’s bitchin’hot out, and (3) my Resident who did call was the one who broke her pelvis in a biking accident,  thereby reminding me the outdoors is a dangerous place. (Question: when is asking a young woman: “how’s your pelvis?” not sexual harassment. Answer: when she had recently fractured same and the last time you saw her she was on crutches.) Anyhow, ended up on treadmill, watching Dr. Who.  Ah, the joys of Netflix, makes doing cardio pleasant. Nom, as her guilty pleasure, tapes The Bachelorette to watch on the treadmill. The current slut, uh, bachelorette, is very pretty (surprise!) and actually quite smart. When she’s not a TV star, she’s an ADA (don’t know if Federal or State). In one promo, they show her at a shooting range. I guess her daddy doesn’t need a shotgun. Mess with her, and she either shoots you, jails you, or both. I’ve watched it a few times w/ Nom. Everyone is oh-so-in-love. Well, yeah. They’re middle class people who have been transported into a fairytale existence of courting the lovely princess (well, contestant) but doing so flying around the world, staying at 5-star hotels, eating in the finest restaurants, enjoying adventures that they could never afford. Personally, I used a magic device to meet my princess - it’s called the Internet. An arcane device used on my planet for viewing porn, getting biased news, sending messaged to family, and seeking mates.

So far have been called twice. Once, as above, by my Resident (they take first call, and we back them up), with what could be a melanoma, but also seems to be infected. (Do culture, take biopsy, have patient call my office for follow-up.) The second by a doctor in a remote northern region. There’s a system where specialists at the universities take call to support doctors in out-lying regions. We don’t go there, but are available for telephone advice. The ER doctor was calling me from Chisasibi, which is a Cree village on the Grand River, just before it flows into James Bay. It is the farthest north village that is reachable by permanent road.
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New Yorker…except: I’m a born-and-raised New Yorker, which many people will say is a different sub-species of the human race. You can take the boy out of New York, but you can’t take New York out of the boy, nor would I want to. I identify with being Montrealer also, but that is definitely an “and also.” New York first, Montreal second… except about two things: making fun of Toronto (ptui) and hockey. I was never a sports fan growing up, barely knew what teams were what. Not really much of a sports fan now, but rooting for Les Habs is practically a civic religion in these parts, which is why it grieves me that the Rangers kicked our butts last game. Will watch tonight with fear and trepidation. Wish us luck.

Are you free that week: It’s that wonderful time in Montreal in between griping about the cold and griping about the heat. It’s called “Spring.” It’s the best time to visit Montreal – if you’re free that week. Got my bike out for the first time this year; not sure I even got out last year, as things were rather hectic and I wasn’t being as dedicated about exercising. It is so beautiful along the Canal. Everyone out biking, roller blading, strolling, basking (twits, wear your sunscreen!). People were saying hello to total strangers on the street downtown, the weather was so great. Didn’t go for a long ride, but since haven’t been on a bike in so long, my legs are going to be reminding me for the next day or two. ‘Sokay, needed doing. My goal was “the cabooses,” which, oddly enough, are two old railway cabooses parked together several klicks up the bike path from where I live. When I first got my bike, it was a huge triumph the first time I made it that far. Later, it was my marker for a short ride. Today, it was just the right amount to get back into it.

Insert Baby A into slot B: After I got home, I cleaned up, we fed Hedgefund, then strapped her into the papoose carrier and went out as a family. Have taken her out once or twice before in the carrier, but she was really too little to fit it properly then. Don’t like this one so much in that it’s complicated to get into, but once strapped on, it’s comfortable. She was wide-eyed enjoying the view (until she fell asleep).
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Have gotten back into exercising, after goofing off for a week or two. Had a really good session on exercise bike, could barely complete my goal, which means actually pushing the work out.

For "mental exercise," (well, at least learning facts) have started using a spaced repetition program called Anki. (Super Memo is the prototype of these programs, but Anki is easier to use and works better.) It's sort of an electronic version of flash cards. I have 1 deck for Derm and 1 for general knowledge (French words and various trivia I want to learn). So far so good (after 4 days). Oddly enough for someone as smart - or at least who got as far academically - as I am, I don't really have good study habits. In primary & secondary school, when you are supposed to develop such habits, I was smart enough to absorb the material just in passing. In college, mostly ditto. In Med School & residency, it got much harder, but somehow scraped by. Now I'm trying to be systematic about it, partly b/c it's never too late, and partly b/c I have to be a good role model for Hedgefund.

Physical exercise, mental exercise, and relaxation techniques are the three things I'm telling myself I need to do a little of every day. It's not a "New Year's Resolution." I don't do those. They are just three things I've worked on intermittently over the years, but as stated above, am now trying to be systematic about it.
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Got up in the morning - okay, there the day was almost ruined, what with having to get out of bed, but on the other hand any day you wake up alive can't be all bad.

Did some honest cardio for the first time in almost two weeks, which felt good physically and emotionally.

Then went out to run errands for Hedgefund. First up was arranging to bank her cord blood. The idea is that the stem cells in the cord blood are cryo-preserved against future need for autologous transplant, such as for lymphoma/leukemia. More and more uses for autologous stem cells are being developed over time, and the stored cells have been shown to last at least 23 years so far. At a very early age, it doesn't help, as the risk is that the cancer was already present in her stem cell line. There's some question that in latter life, the amount of cells won't be enough, but techniques are being improved to grow those cells in cell culture to expand the amount available. They could also be used to transplant into one of us (Nom or me) if needed, but that would be like from any related donor, it might not match. The goal is really an insurance policy for Hedgefund. We debated doing it. Were we just being overly-protective, overly-concerned parents even at the prenatal stage? Possibly, but like any insurance policy, it is worthwhile if you need it. The odds are low, but if needed, there is no better treatment possible, and as said, there are more and more uses being developed.

After that, bought her a mattress. Went to Bo Bebe, which is like Babes R Us, but local and with a cuter name. Already have a lovely crib from Nom's SIL, but wanted a new mattress. I do like getting items that have been in the family (on either side). Not so much that it saves money (which it does, which is a good value to pass on to Hedgefund), but that the item has some intrinsic meaning. The crib isn't old enough to be an heirloom, but there is still some sense of continuity.

After that, did something for grown-ups, and went out to a movie. Timing was good, as the theater was near Bo Bebe. Well, sort of for grown-ups, as saw the latest Disney Frozen. Everyone else was there with their kids. I suppose we were too, just ours is still prenatal and probably didn't get to enjoy the great graphics and more dynamic storyline than the usual Disney fare. (There is less old-style good versus evil, more about what is within yourself and how to deal with it.) I'd better get used to watching Disney movies - about 200 times - each one. Fortunately if I fall down on the job here, Nom will take over, as she's still a kid at heart and loves Disney. ("Hi Hedgefund, welcome to the world. This is your mom. She loves shopping and Disney and fashion and chick flicks. You can share all that with her. There are other things you will learn from dad.")

Also nearby the theater was a fish store, so picked up some lovely fish for dinner. Chilling now. It's been a good day.


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