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"Ooh, you're givin' me the fever tonight...." I don't often quote rock songs, mostly because I don't know that many, but when I have a chance to, I like to show it off. The quote is the opening line to "Fire and Ice" by Pat Benetar. It also describes my day.

We've been having icy rain. At least not a million below zero, but equally unpleasant, plus snarls traffic really badly. It took me over an hour to get home from the hospital last night, a trip that usually takes 20 minutes. This morning the driveway was a sheet of ice, patients were late, and even Evil Secretary was late, which happens about once every 7-8 years.

The fire part? Well T put some instruments in the autoclave (sterilizer - normally Evil Secretary's job), and didn't know she needed to put the wrapped instruments on a special rack/tray first, so the wrappings were touching the hot interior of the autoclave and caught fire. No damage done, but an unpleasant odor lingered for an hour or so.
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Apparently my Mom met Woody Guthrie before he was famous. Before she was married, she taught at a preschool that his little girl attended. Mom loved art, and would have majored in it, but she was a poor girl who knew she'd have to earn a living, and majored in Education so that she could get a teaching license, and minored in Art - but actually took more Art courses than Education courses.

At that period, Woody was not famous. He had some local reputation in NYC, but he was just a musician, playing in local joints. Mom was actually more impressed by the fact his wife, Marjorie Guthrie, was a dancer (I think one of the Martha Graham Dancers) and Mom always said she wanted to be a dancer in her next life. More to the point, wife had a regular job, and like most musicians, Woody didn't work steady, and certainly not during the day, so he used to bring the daughter to school. He would bring her in riding on his shoulders, and on at least one occasion brought his guitar and was kind enough to sing for the children.

Apparently, when Mom later saw the "Alice's Restaurant" movie, she noted that the actress playing Marjorie looked nothing like her, "Marjorie was a dancer, she was so slim!"

Mom knew Marjorie Gutherie well enough that back when my older brother ravensron was an infant, they ran into Marjorie while wheeling him in his baby carriage. Marjorie was walking with a very small boy, whom Marjorie lifted up to see my then-infant brother. So not only did Mom meet Woody Guthrie before he was truly famous, both she and my brother met Arlo Guthrie before he was at all famous.
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Well, mostly Scots - or rather Scotch - and poetry. It was my friends' annual Burns Night party. "And so we've had another night of poetry and poses." Okay that line is from a rather grim poem, which doesn’t really go with such a great and fun evening, but I do like the line, so using it. (So there, nyah.)*

Unfortunately, went solo, as Nom was feeling under the weather, and we weren't sure about bringing the kids. Next year though, we're going en famille.

It was a chance to socialize, which I don't do often, a chance to drink Scotch, which I don't do often enough, and a chance to wear my kilt, which I don't more than about once/year. Met some nice people. Also met a nice Scotch last night, called Edradour. Supposedly the smallest distillery in Scotland. Nice, slightly smokey taste.

Found out an interesting fact. Seems Robbie Burns was actually Jewish. Before revisionist historians anglicized (scotized?) the name, he was really Rabbi Bernstein, and later in life owned a deli, where the sandwiches were so generous, you could actually see the pastrami coming thru the rye.

Mar sin leat, Gentle Readers

*Last Call by Dave Van Ronk


Dec. 3rd, 2017 07:43 am
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Last time we were visiting Nom's bro & family, our nieces asked us if we'd ever heard of this really cool old TV, then sang a bit of the theme music. Friends. A show that has been off the air since before they were born. Was never a big fan. Never really a big TV watcher at all, but used to rarely watch it with GoTV. (Wow, haven't thought about her in quite a while*.) During my first - no, make that second - deployment in 2002-2003 (beginning of Operation Iraqi Freedom - an operation named without conscious irony), we were stuck for over a month waiting to rotate home. We'd already turned over operation of the hospital to our replacements, and were just sitting around Camp Doha doing nothing. (Since we'd actually gotten there before almost any other units, we were supposed to be the first going home, but they hadn't worked out how to send units home yet.) There was a small DVD lending library, and after having seen everything I actually liked, I borrowed the entire first season of Friends. Someone seeing me do that comments, "Wow, sir, you're really bored, aren't you." Yeah, that about described it.

Anyhow, since the nieces mentioned it, the darn theme song has been running through my mind. Oh well, all earworms eventually die.

*For the Gentle Readers new-ish to this blog, that was my ex-. There's no residual animosity. We were friends for a while, but have moved on. I don't like to fail at anything, and a break-up is a form of failure, so some tiny part of me will always be sorry about that, but considering how great life turned out for me (married to Nom!), on the balance quite happy.

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Famed Montrealer Leonard Cohen passed away this week. Singer, song-writer, poet, and novelist.

His lyrics touched the soul, even when you didn't consciously understand them.

I heard him here in his home town a couple of years back. So frail, he couldn't stand up for the entire performance, but his voice still held the magic. It was like drinking Bailey's Irish Cream, while warmly wrapped in a black silk-lined fur robe, in a dark icy cave at midnight. 
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One if the advantages of having a girl first, is that, when she's not engaging in sibling rivalry, she will sometimes be maternal and help with the baby. When Wallstreet cries, now Hedgefund often comes over and sings to him. (Au Clair de la Lune seems to be her favourite. Other times she sings it to herself. She doesn't have all the words right, but then neither do most people.) This morning, I was watching Wallstreet while Nom took Hedgefund out. He woke up from his nap and started crying. (I'm a horrible parent. If I'm in another room when he wake sup, I sometimes don't pick him up for several seconds.) I came over and picked him up and he calmed down. I think he was trying to sing Au Clair de la Lune to himself as I cuddled him.
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Am minding Hedgefund. I'm studying, playing music in the background, and reaching down to tickle her feet every few seconds. Santana's Smooth came up on iTunes, and she started dancing to the beat. Kid's got taste.
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Happy Birthday, Hedgefund, and I do mean Birthday. Today you are 1 day old.
It's been quite a busy day for you, a day full of "firsts."

You were born, which took quite a lot of effort on your mom's part, but was pretty strenuous for you too. That's a "first" for you, but also an "only," as we each only get to do that once per lifetime.

You had your first feeding. You had your first nap. You had your first blood test, your first swaddling, first yawn, firstcryfirstburpfirstsmile.

You had your first lullaby. You really like being sung to (or even talked to), and haven't yet realized that neither Mommy nor Daddy can carry a tune.

You studied Dermatology for the first time (never too young to get them started off right). Well, technically Daddy studied Dermatology out-loud while you listened, but clearly you were fascinated. Already displaying good instincts.

It was quite the day for you baby girl, a day full of firsts. And the great thing about life is you have lots of firsts to look forward to for the rest of your life. Enjoy.
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- Strings on the subway. Not rare to have musicians playing in subway stations. Not sure if licensed or just accepted. Last night on the First Avenue platform - or rather platforms - of the L-train, there were two string musicians (a base and a violin), one on each platform (east-bound and west-bound). They were playing counterpunctual pieces, across the tracks from one another.
- Breakfast at Bluebell Café, our fav local place.
- Flyers. Like many local businesses, they have a board in the entryway for you to post flyers. One was from Martin the flyer guy. In case you are too lazy to go around and post your own flyers, he’ll do it for you. Gotta love (small) free enterprise.
- Brisk weather. ‘Nuf said.
- Not a true NYC trip as didn’t catch any Broadway or museums ([livejournal.com profile] oxymoron67 had the nerve to be sick!), but did catch up on a couple of current movies.
- Food:
    Thai. A local place. Decent food, plus I look good in everything i eat.
    Dimsum. Our usual place, but introduced C to dimsum. Some she liked, some she didn’t, but tried everything.
    Pastry. Twice. Really didn't need it either time, in that was already full, but then, when it comes to Italian pastry, how does one define “need.”
- Dad’s health was up and down all weekend. That’s true for all of us, but more noticable at that age.
- Foot massage. Well, we were in Chinatown for the dimsum, and it was there, and we’d been walking a lot, and…
- Preschool of the arts. Because this in NYC, heartland of finance, arts, and pretentiousness.
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Did some more of the Juste Pour Rire comedy fest. Thursday went to the Bar Mitzvah Show, as such, it was actually part of Jews Pour Rire. (Okay, that was one of the jokes.) Thought since I had been to an actual bar mitzvah recently (and a rather good one), that would be a good show to see. Not really about bar mitzvahs, just Jewish comedians doing in-jokes. Show was good, better than the Relationship/Dating Show we saw the last week. Since we’d bought tickets to three shows, we got the “Passport” which means that we can get free same-day tix if they haven’t sold out the show by then.

Tonight went to see the gala hosted by Joan Rivers. Also well attended by Jews. And older folks. And gay people. (Not to mention older gay Jews.) I’ve noticed that with all the shows, the comedians get better as the show goes on, with the first ones being rather lame, and the last ones superb. For the most part, the MC is the best performer out of all of them. Since this was hosted by Joan Rivers, the MC was definitely the best. I’d have hated to be any of the other performers, since in the audience’s mind, you are just filler between slices of Joan. She was mean, politically incorrect, and side-splittingly funny. We had seen one of the other performers do his act during the Relationship Show, but he added some bits for this gala.

Coming back home, I noticed that someone had sponsored setting up two pianos in a little park near where I live. They are there for anyone to play. Both nights people were trying, obviously people who had learned piano decently well at some point, but only remembered some short passages. Still, there was a certain charm in sitting in a quite park, in the soft evening ligh, and listen to piano playing.mont
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Maison de Jazz is a well-known jazz club in Montreal. Not quite as famous as New York's Blue Note, but up there. We caught the show last night, which was top notch. And unlike Blue Note, you are not crammed in cheek by jowl, you have some elbow room. If you're in town, pass on the food, but go for the drinks and the music and the decor. Yeah, the decor. The jazz was worth it, but the decor was a mix of jazz club, Turkish seraglio, and Dodge City saloon.


Feb. 15th, 2013 08:24 am
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1. Listening to Leonard Cohen. Some of his lyrics... have no idea what they mean, but they can still tear your heart out.

2. Pogo (famous cartoon strip of yesteryear by Walt Kelly*) observed that Friday the 13th was far more unlucky when it happened on the Thursday. May I point out that Hallowe'en Valentine's Day was on Thursday Friday the 13th this year. Fits my opinion of it exactly.

3. Healing coming along nicely. Walking better. Either numbness decreasing, or I'm adjusting to it. Still no recurrence of the initial pain, but do note every tiny twinge.

*The best-known and most important line from Pogo was "We have met the enemy, and he is us."
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Gerry Anderson just died. He created “puppetmation,” basically filming marionettes, which was the basic of several science fiction TV shows that were a staple of my early childhood: Supercar, Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, and especially Fireball XL5. Many people found them hookey and the “animation” riduculous. I loved them, goofiness and all. The theme music to Fireball XL5 was, oddly enough for a children’s show, a love song, a science fiction-themed love song.

Here is a clip of Neil Gaiman, whose work I love as an adult, singing the theme music:

Lyrics )

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Long weekend/mini-vacation

Thur - Leonard Cohen

Read more... )

Fri - NYC: Nobu, Dad, Heiress

Read more... )

Sat - NYC: Dad, Robert, MAD, Dead Accounts, Sardi's, Lights

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Sun - NYC: Norma, Dad

Read more... )

Fabulous trip.  

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Not big on reposting things, but this needed it. Amazing and ironic that this most powerful and joyous piece of music was written by a deaf and horribly bitter composer.

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Yesterday was Canada Day. Went to some of the festivities at the Old Port. Wandered around a bit enjoying the crowds, then took in the show. The warm-up was a comedian, who managed to be lame in both official languages. After that was a band called Alter Ego, who did cover versions of singers ranging from Corey Hart to Katy Perry to the Buggles. Since they had a large number of singers/dancers, some would go back stage and change into the appropriate costume(s) while the other ones were singing. Afterwards there was a short but good fireworks display over the river. Today fired up the BBQ: sausages and corn and cider.


Jun. 9th, 2012 10:26 pm
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Yes, another grab bag of observations both philosophical and whimsical

1. Made some spaghetti. Carefully followed the directions on the package that said to “cook for indicated time.”

2. Went through my shirts and replaced the collar reinforcements. These are tapered bits of plastic inserted into the collar points to make them look neater. They break over time, and I wanted to replace those in need of it (I have such an exciting life). Almost all of them did. Also moved some slightly worn dress shirts from the “dress shirt” group to the “wear for casual” collection, and some badly worn ones from there to the “rags for cleaning” pile.

3. Spending the weekend with new(-ish) g.f., Nom. This is not short for her actual name, nor the French for “insert your name here,” but for “nom, nom, nom, delicious.” Hopefully will actually manage to not screw up this relationship. I’ve heard there are people who do that (not screw up their relationships); can’t say if I believe such a fantastical idea, but thought I’d try it.

4. It’s getting into festival season here in Montreal. Wandered around the downtown, saw some of the Formula 1 displays (and crowds) and caught a bit of the FrancoFolies. At the former, there were a number of cars and babes on display, but seemed like less than in years past. Either that or I’m getting more jaded. Laughed to myself about the people taking pictures of either the one or the other – “hey boys, ain’t ya never seen a car (or woman) before? Try the internet.” As for the latter, just caught part of one show. Sadly, they were trying to use volume to make up for lack of talent, and failing miserably.

5. Ate too much today. It was good. On one level, I needed a good munch, on another level, didn’t need that many calories.

6. Was going to take that bike ride, but seem to have a flat, so exercised indoors instead. Will fix it later.

7. Aching in odd places. This exercise thing is going to kill me.

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Warning: another serious post ahead. This too is my musings triggered by conversations with [livejournal.com profile] ecosopher and others (lj, email, and verbal) over the years.

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No, it is not a win x4 b/c of being mad at Robert while in NYC. I am in NYC, and yesterday was a great NYC day (more on that later), but the particular thing I'm referring to is: having lunch with [livejournal.com profile] oxymoron67 in Cafe Robert which is on the top floor of the Museum of Art and Design (MAD), with a view overlooking Central Park, with a jazz trio playing in the background. In one sitting had great company, great music, great view, and great food. A quadruple win.


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