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Yes, we were at home today (what with its being the weekend, and the weather being beastly), but I'm referring the social custom. Miss Manners, in her " Guide to Excruciatingly Correct Behavior" mentions that in 'her day,' accomplished hostesses would be, literally, at home, to receive friends with out specific invitation. There was some food and drink, but it was not quite an organized party, more of a 'just drop by and say hello' between time X and Y. Since the concept existed when society ladies existed - which is to say, when there were a large number of women with nothing better to do during the working day then stop by each others' houses and socialize, it was usually held in the afternoon.

Modern life being what it is, everyone we know works, so we held it Saturday midday. Having small children, midday is much better for socializing than evenings, or even late afternoons, so we made it for 10-2. We also actually invited people by sending around formal, engraved invitations. Well, its modern variant, known as email and text. The basic concept of 'drop by to chat, and have a bit to eat and drink, but not a formally organized party,' was maintained. I must say it worked very well. We're not very sociable people, but we actually had fun, as apparently did all our invitees. We're going to do it again weekly. Well, monthly. Well, sometimes. Who knows, at this rate, we might even end up having a social life.

We've never been very sociable, and generally loathed parties. As I've gotten older, I realize that I disliked most parties for the same reason I dislike the bar scene: there are a large number of people I'm not in the least interested in talking to, because they are not interesting. (So Gentle Reader, you know you've made the cut into a select group.) On the other hand, I'm more and more enjoying the company of a smallish group of people that are actually interesting to talk to. We are gradually building up a circle of friends, and will be having regular, if never frequent, social events.
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For Young: Took the kids back to La Ronde today. Nothing much different from last time, except one kiddie stage show (I had no idea what was happening, but Hedgefund seemed to enjoy it.) Did note that our season passes are good at any Six Flags amusement park. How many others in Canada? Zero. 'Sokay, if we happen to be in Dubai in the next few months, we're good. Again, all had fun.

For Old (or at least adult): Had my semi-annual Scotch swilling tasting. This is probably the only "guy" thing I do. I talk about drinking Scotch much more than I actually drink it, but a few times per year spend some time appreciating single malt. For my events, it is always a small group (5 guests last night), mostly different fields and reasonably well-established. I'm not very sociable in the usual extrovert sense of the word, but this is how I like to socialize: small group of interesting people. They'd be fun even if we all were sober, which we weren't after an hour or so.

Since the kids are too young to drink, or even make decent waiters, held it at my office. The highlights were Scapa and Edradour. I selected them by a highly effective decision making matrix: I went to the SAQ, took pictures of what they had, texted them to my accountant (who is also my Scotch consultant), then called him to discuss. It worked, as those were really, really good. (Started with the Scapa, then moved on to the Edradour, with some other decent tipples that other people brought in between.) Before we got started, accountant mentioned that some places provide eye droppers to add the water in precisely measured amounts. I did have an eyedropper, but it was contaminated with KOH (Potassium Hydroxide), which probably won't do much positive for your tastes buds, or your health. Instead, I broke out a small syringe, so could measure even more precisely, and we could take notes. "Never interrupt me when I'm doing science!" For the record, 0.1-0.4 ml of water in 2-fingers of Scotch is right. The lower amount for a smoother Scotch like the Scapa, the higher for a more complex flavor like the Edradour. (Yes, "2-fingers" is too a precise, scientific measurement.)

Actually, one of the group, for whom this was the first time with us, actually is a scientist. (Another guest is on the admin side of research, and I dabble, but he is actually full-time, paid to do it, basic science researcher.) He was a little hesitate at first, then asked me if he was invited just so the rest of us could make fun of the nerd later. Sheldon et al from The Big Bang Theory to the contrary, neither he, nor most actual researchers, are massively inept socially, and he fit right in.

Next time, instead of cheese, pate, and such, might break out the BBQ and have steaks. I believe that having different colors of food helps to make a well-balanced diet. In this case, lean red meat and pale amber Scotch. Balance is important.


Dec. 9th, 2017 04:22 pm
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➢ Are sending out letters to patients telling them the new address. Should be moving the office in just over a month. For a few that I keep thinking, "maybe I won't send this one a letter…" Can't really do that, but for some people, I have to hold onto my professionalism with both hands.
➢ The weather teased us with a few nice days, now back to winter. Why don't I set up shop in the southern hemisphere for 6 months out of the year.
➢ In between those two is the fact that hard to determine if a lesion is hot to the touch if this is your first patient of the day, and you've just come in from outside. Gloves or no, hands are too cold to be sensitive. Had to tell her to wait until I saw anoth
➢ Dang it, stop wishing me "Happy Holidays," when (a) the phrase is "Merry Christmas" (even for we non-Christians), and (b) it's still November*. Gonna boil someone in their own plum pudding and bury them with a stake of holly through the heart.
➢ My accountant has his annual scotch tasting. Even bigger this year, with food. For him, it's a company-sponsored event (good will for employees and clients) which gives him a chance to hold court and drink scotch. He's quite sociable and great to talk with. For the invitees, it's a chance to… socialize (even I manage) and drink scotch.
➢ I'm secretly Sheldon Cooper. Well, Nom is. Well over a year ago, she ordered the kid's shower curtain. It displays the Periodic Table of the Elements (in lovely shades of brown, so even goes with the décor. Finally got it hung; it looks great. However, if I ever did shower in their, Tom Lehrer's Periodic Table of Elements would be running through my head**, not to mention C.J. & the PhD's Periodic Table of Elements.***

*Clearly jotted this one down a coupla weeks ago. I think I can start wishing people Merry Christmas by the middle of next week.
**Our neice was very proud of having memorized that, and was astounded that I'd heard of it.
***Not likely you'd heard of them. Probably all wanted to be Tom Lehrer when they grew up. I knew them in Virginia back when I was an Intern. They had originally formed the band as graduate student, singing humorous & satirical songs for beer money on the weekends (eg Nuke the Whales). By the time I heard them, they were only doing this for old time's sake, having all graduated and gone onto real jobs - well, except for one guy who had a little too much "fun" in the '60s and didn't have the brain power left.
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An abandoned house. A small number of shadowy figures gather by a dim light in the dark of night, as snows wafts down outside. What skullduggery is this? What evil deeds are being planned? What conspiracy?

A conspiracy to taste scotch! Had the latest instalment of my twice yearly scotch tasting at the new house. Unfinished and unmovedinto rather than truly abandoned. Was putting it off from the usual moreorless solstice event because wanted to do it by firelight, but couldn't manage that one. (Going to be gas fireplaces, but still not connected. Gas utility blames the plumber, plumber blames the gas utility.)

People brought chairs (tables courtesy of its being a construction site), munchies, and of course scotch. The tradition for the winter solstice event is to bring partly empty bottles to kill off with the dying of the year. (You have your year-end symbolism, I have mine.) Not strict about this, fresh bottles are accepted too. Since missed the (approximate) solstice, went with (approximate) mid-winter day. (Most ppl take that to mean the same thing as solstice, but I use it more literally as being the middle of winter: half way between the solstice and equinox.) Also felt the menfolk needed something to help recover from the stress of Valentine's Day.

Regardless of the date and source of illumination, a good and inebriated time was had by all. Nice munchies, interesting environment, wonderful scotch, splendid company. The surprise star was Amrut, a single malt made in India.

do dheagh shlàinte
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Long but fruitful day yesterday. For most of the day, had the interviews to pick our Residents. As always, had way more candidates than we have spots, and when reviewing the files, easily 90% are qualified. Nonetheless, of those, we picked 18 to interview for our 3 positions. And as always 17 of those would have done fine. (There's always one at the interviews who causes us to look at each other afterwards and wonder why picked that one to interview.) The poor things come before the whole panel (there were 9 of us this year, including 1 Resident) and get their 20 minutes. We're not vicious at all, but still it must be nerve-wracking for them. We then each rank all the candidates and tally up the scores. That should be the end of it, but some committee members tried to change things at the last minute. I recall 3? years ago, after the scores were tallied, the committee basically ignored them and moved people up and down in the rankings as they liked. Me and some of the others clamped down that, but today there was still some last minute attempts to juggle things. They are so concerned about being fair and transparent, but just don't grasp that that means setting the ground rules before the interviews start, then holding to them. During the day, Nom & her mom had taken the kids to the Temple for Tet (Vietnamese New Year). They are too young to appreciate it, but good for them to have some exposure to that side of their cultural background.

After that, got home just in time to go out again. It was Burns Night, and needed to go sip some scotch and listen to poetry. Nom was feeling a bit under the weather, and her parents were also so they couldn't babysit, so I went solo. After the silliness at the interviews, I got home too late to even change into my kilt, much to my (and other folks) disappointment. My friends don't have that much room, so the party has always been at his father's house. A sad note for the evening was that the old gentleman had died less than a month before. He was the one who always ordered the haggis and made the scotch broth. He had ordered the haggis just before he passed, but in his honor, we specifically did NOT have scotch broth. He was a retired Professor of Biochemistry, and I always enjoyed talking to him. Despite that, people enjoyed themselves, including me, who generally hates parties, although I didn't stay late, feeling guilty about leaving Nom alone with the kids all day.
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Recently, WS hit that milestone. Traditional to say “where did the year go?” in a tone of puzzlement, but in fact its been a very full year. Full of babies and toddlers and other things. Too busy at times, but delightfully full in many other ways. This is my happy face. I actually am happy at times. Not just happy, but very happy. Not sure I’ve ever understood that emotion before.

Although WS could care less, and even less remember, said party, we felt it was important to mark the event and have people over. Since it is "cold and flu season," it ended up a smaller gathering than originally planned, but flowed well. Nom had done most of the necessary shopping during the week, and the evening before, we scurried about, buying last minute things and putting up decorations. Since you asked: streamers and balloons (in blue and white), and letters spelling out "Happy 1 Birthday Wallstreet." (Well, his actual name.)

Oddly enough, the next week, I had a mother bring in her son (I forget which was the patient) who was born within a couple of days of WS. We did the compare notes thing. Since he was her first, she was more insecure about "is he developing on time" than I, with my vast experience of one prior child. For the record, Wallstreet has teeth (three of them). He can manage to stand on his own for a second or five, and took what can be claimed to be a couple of very shaky steps. He’s clearly wanted to do both for months now, pulling himself up and trying to move forward. Sometimes I act as “training feet” - like training wheels, but for walking. Yeah, I’m being the sappy, doting parent, boring everyone with diaper stories. Deal with it.
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Up 'till now, Nom & I have been POSSLQs, which is to say we've been partaking of conjugal bliss without benefit of law or clergy. To put it more succinctly, in the old British terminology, married but not churched. Even more succinctly, in the old American terminology, shacked up. I was fine with that; really didn't want to screw up an excellent marriage by actually getting married, but what with the second child on the way, and this-and-that, recently we regularized the relationship1. Which is to say, we are now married and churched. Well, married and notarized2.

It was a very small event, essentially immediate family3. Perhaps we'll have the big to do reception in a year, when both children are here, and maybe we even have a real house. For now, holding the ceremony in our condo worked well, followed by a luncheon at Milos4.

We actually had several "ceremonies," covering different traditions. Only Western culture actually has a defined "you must do xxx, presided over by yyy, in order to be officially married." The rest are really ancient traditions, but don't actually have an officially required format. Regardless, we did 4 traditions, rather like touching 4 different bases, which makes it a home run.
            First, we had the Buddhist ceremony. Nom' s father presided over that. Nom wore a red ao dai, and I wore my Army Dress Blues. After that we went to the park nearby and took pictures. We came back, and Nom changed into a white, Western-style wedding dress. She descended the stairs, with our little nieces & our daughter strewing rose petals.
            Second, we took elements of Jewish tradition. My brother said the traditional 7 blessings, followed by my breaking a glass.
            Third, we had the official, legal, secular ceremony, presided over by the Notary, exchanging rings, and signing all the paperwork.
            Lastly, just be certain, we jumped over a broom.
            Ani leh-dodee veh-dodee lee (Hebrew: I am my beloved's, and my beloved is mine)

Wedding pix )

1 Yup, we're the original hard-core romantics. "Hey, what with a second child on the way, maybe we should do the deed." "Yeah, with this-and-that, not a bad idea." Okay, not really that off-hand. Serious love and commitment and all that, but we're at a stage in our lives where the marriage is far more important than the wedding, and where a big "do" would be ludicrous.
2 I didn't think Quebec would recognize our jumping over a broom as sufficient. Originally they did require a cleric to do the deed. Then it was a cleric or judge. Now in Quebec, a notary can do so. Understand that Quebec follows the French Civil Code, including that a notary is a type of lawyer who deals with contracts, properties, and wills, rather like the British solicitor. There are advantages to this system, for instance, a will by a lawyer has to go to probate court, but a notarial will does not. Actually, apparently any citizen in good standing can preside over the wedding. I think "good standing" equals "no criminal record," but you have to wait several months until they check he/she is in good standing, send them the booklet on how to do the paperwork, then hope they do it right. Faster, simpler, and more certain to have had our Notary do it.
3 Evil Secretary & her family were there also. She claimed I just wanted to increase the body count. In fact, I was the only one besides the two witnesses who was supposed to be her at her wedding (at City Hall). Was supposed to be, but I was on call that week, and the one time I actually got called was as I was going out the door to be at her wedding. I only managed to make it for dessert.
4 Have mentioned them before, one of our favorite restaurants. They usually aren't open for lunch on a weekend, but opened for a special event. It's true Greek style, with superb fish and meat and vegetables piled in the center of the table for everyone to share. There's one area with a slightly recessed floor, making it more intimate, and that's where we feasted and celebrated.
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This is my new, semi-yearly tradition, my one bit of male bonding (Nom graciously takes Hedgefund elsewhere for a couple of hours). I have a few gentlemen (using the term loosely) over for Scotch. This time tried hosting it on a Friday, which didn't work that well. Too many people go away for the weekend, or have family obligations, a concept I now understand. Henceforth, will be the Thursdays closest to Winter Solstice and Lughnasadh. (Summer Solstice would theoretically be a better time, but too many events near then: graduations, Canada Day, St Jean Baptiste, etc. BTW, can't agree that midSummer's Eve is around the Solstice. The Solstice is the beginning of Summer, Lughnasadh is actually the middle of the Summer.)

There were 4 of us: me, that is Alex, and my three droogs… Oops, sorry, wrong story. Let me start again. There were 4 of us: me, that is warriorsavant, and 3 friends: my BIL, JF, & LP. Nom, JF, & LP used to work together, and JF & LP are still the center of a large group of friends many of whom worked at that same place. Nom used to go out with JF, but both he, and obviously she, are now married with children. JF's wife used to be a bit hostile to Nom, but since she settled down with me, and we only see them as s couple, she's mellowed. I never worried about that, if she wanted to have coffee with him, it wouldn't bother me (note: that's c-o-f-f-e-e, not s-e-x). By coincidence, all 4 of us are married to Asian women (well, less coincidence for BIL, what with being Asian himself).

I had Scotch, with cheese and nuts and fruit to wash it down. (Extrapolating from my late mother's dictum never to drink dry tea without some pastry to wash it down.) I really don't drink much anymore (despite alcohol being one of the 4 essential food groups), so relish having a chance to sip good Scotch in good company. I prefer single malt, but I seemed to have a mix of single malt and blends. I think some of them are bottles people have given me over the years. For the Scotch, we had: Glenfiddich 12 year old (single malt and the best of the pick that night), Chivas Regal 18 year old (a blend, but an expensive one, don't know if age should properly be applied to a blend), Johnnie Walker Blue (their most expensive blend, age not given, as is proper), Grants (a blend), and Old Pulteney Navigator (a single malt, but no age given, which is a recent and vile trend).

For cheese, I had Pikauba (a semi-soft), Brie (a soft), and Blue Benedictine (a blue, well d'uh), with slices of baguette. These are all local, Quebec cheese, something we do well in this province. However, since JF & LP are rather Seppos, I initially informed them that they were Canadian cheeses from outside Quebec, in fact, specifically Federalist cheeses.

BIL is trilingual. LP initially spoke English to me (his English is quite good), but since JF's English is very limited, and besides, I wanted to practice, I pushed the conversation to French. Well, 90% French, like many conversations in Montreal, it was a bit of Franglais.
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Opening reception of what? you ask. Not important right now. Will post later, but these photos too cool not to share.

First, a ghost )

Or is it? )

Plus )
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Had the official Bday party for the munchkin on Saturday. It went well. Even for Nom & I, who have all the sociability of hermits, had fun. Had half-dozen couples, all with kids. Hedgefund doesn’t really “socialize” like an adult would, but actually seemed to like having other babies around. That surprised us a bit, in that she likes being the center of attention: “hey, I'M the baby around here! All attention (and space) belongs to ME.” (Much like a cat... or an older female.) The only thing she didn’t like is when one kid climbed into her car, but she got over it. Made a cake for her. Was supposed to be a warrior princess figurine, but the spear in her hand did not look very spear-like. Maybe they thought we’d said wizard princess, or even shephardess princess. If I’d know, would have gone out and bought some Soldier figurines and used one of the rifles. Settled for giving her a miniature USArmy flag.
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Someone is having a birthday soon. Single digits (unless counting in months) - or rather, single digit. Apparently she asked Nom to throw her a party, and make it a good one. Me, being the wonderful husband that I am, went along with it, and even came along looking for party stuff. (I loath parties.) "We" wanted to get her a cake, and this being Quebec, there are excellent pastry places with good French names like Yuki. (What? Japanese can't make pastry and cakes?) Since it's an important event, had to make sure it was of good quality and we picked the right flavour. My scientific mind would not leave that to chance, so had to sample cupcakes, mini-cupcakes, and pieces of whole cake in various flavours to make sure we got the right one. Hey, that's three different foods just mentioned, that clearly makes it a balanced lunch.
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Ten years ago, I was the first Commander of a reserve medical Group. This past weekend, they had a Dining Out, which is a formal military dinner, celebrating the 10th anniversary of the standing up of the Group. A dining out is in dress uniform, with a certain amount of ceremony, then dinner and speeches (brief!), and since we're a classy bunch, dancing afterwards (that part isn't standard, but as I said, we're a classy bunch). They also had the ceremony for the change of Commander and 1SG (First Sergeant) of the headquarters company*.

I was invited as the inaugural Group Commander, along with my Command Sergeant Major (CSM). For those not familiar with the military, the Cdr & CSM are considered the Command Team, with the CSM being the senior enlisted advisor and right-hand of the Commander. My CSM from that era has been mentioned in this blog over the years either as CSM (when we were serving together) or Pipe-Major (after he'd retired). When I was still in the reserves, it was convenient for me that this (my second-to-last) Command, and my last Command, were both in NYC, so I could have a tax-deductible way to visit my family. Since CSM was also from out-of-town, my family followed our custom of adopting strays and adopted him. We'd usually go out with my family on the Friday night, then on the Saturday would go out with the Army people. He was an excellent CSM, and a fine person, and I'm proud to know him.

It was a fast trip down to NYC: visited family, attended the ceremony, then drove back to Montreal with CSM/Pipe-Major (more on that later). Was a rather rushed visit, but had a great time. Only two negatives were that I ate too much, and that I missed the munchkin. This was the first time I’ve been away from her (& my wife). I mean 2 whole days! I went into withdrawal; I’ve turned into a complete homebody.

Friday - NYC )

Saturday - NYC & Dining Out )

Sunday & Monday - Montreal )

I'm tired today, and a bit bloated as ate too much and too richly the past several days, but it was well worth it. Got together with Pipe-Major, saw my family, and reconnected with my Army background. I don't miss it (much), but I'm very proud of my service, and it's a big part of who I am.
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We went to a small pot luck party of a group of people Nom used to hang out with. They're a nice bunch, about half the group are mixed White-Asian couples. Hedgefund was, of course, the cutest kid there. Stayed for 3 hours, which is my limit for socializing (that’s an improvement on the former 2 hours), then went home and watched the ball drop in Times Square. It is, of course, officially the new year when the ball drops in Times Square, regardless of where you are and what time zone you’re on.
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Went to a picnic/cookout yesterday in Parc LaFontaine. It was a circle of people that Nom used to be part of, when they were all younger and unmarried and childless and probably all dating each other. They don’t see each other as much now, but they are a fairly smart bunch, and most of them have respectable jobs now, although the center of the group still has a slight air of college-boy-who-hasn’t-grown-up about him. That having been said, it was the second birthday of his younger child, and there were several other children there.

It was the perfect weather: not too hot, not too cold, mostly sunny, but we were under the shade of a big tree (and some of us liberally coated with sunscreen. We had such standard cookout fare as hamburgers, hotdogs, and bulgogi. (Four of the six couples were mixed Western-Asian.) This being Quebec, there was copious wine, at least for the adults.

Although she’s really too young to care, we think it’s good to get Hedgefund used to being with other people and especially other children/babies. She does enjoy when her first cousins (10 and 6) come over. Heck, it’s good for us to socialize… or so they tell me.
          “Hon, why are we doing this again?”
          “We wanted to socialize more.”
            “We do?”
          “Yes, you said you wanted to.”
          “I said that?”
            “And this was the time you decided to listen to me?”
          “I always listen to you.”
          “Uh, yeah. So why are we doing this again.”
          “Yes dear.”


Jun. 29th, 2014 07:01 pm
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“Man does live by bread alone, he needs wine, women, and song.”

I like music, although can’t carry a tune; have women (well, woman, singular); and rather prefer scotch to wine as a concept. I don’t drink that much of either. If I go out for a nice dinner, I’ll have a glass of wine, and I do like a good excuse to have a scotch. A good excuse would be, for example, any day ending in a “y.” See, there I go again, talking about drinking scotch like I kill a bottle a day. Frankly, most years I don’t go through a bottle combined the entire year, however, I do like the stuff.

Have a few bottles around, some open, some not, and decided to do something about it, and have a cinq-a-sept (which non-Montrealers refer to as either a cocktail party or a happy hour). Invited a few male friends over from some male bonding, and doing manly stuff like grabbing our crotches, spitting, and telling dirty jokes… no, not really. Nom and Hedgefund popped off to do some shopping, and we had a “boys night” sipping scotch, eating munchies, and talking. I usually think I don’t have any friends, but it’s more that I’m in a time of life where people just don’t hang out, and if they do, it’s not in big crowds. (Frankly, never really did that, but certainly not now.) There are people I like, and who like me, and y’know, if maybe arranged to do things together semi-regularly, that would constitute “friends.” Besides, these were guys who all appreciate scotch.

I actually had, what was that thing? Oh yeah, fun. Good food, good scotch, good friendship. I think I’m going to do this twice/year, for each solstice. At the summer solstice, will drink whatever bottles I have or people bring. For winter solstice, will have people bring mostly empty bottles that we finish off with the dying of the year.

20140626 ScotchTasting-food

20140626 ScotchTasting-drink

(Did you notice the baby formula in the bottom picture, near the left.)
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Honey: I tend to call her "honey.... " That is, honey bunny, honey bean, honey bear, or just honey. Which is odd, as I don't like honey all that much. In the late sixties, honey was a "thing" (wasn't everything then?), but in fact, I only like it in limited doses.

Houdina: Another one of her (many) new names: The Great Houdina. It is amazing how easily she escapes from even the best swaddles. Don't get me wrong, she likes being swaddled. She also likes wriggling out of it. I suppose the swaddle is just a challenge for a performer of her caliber; maybe we need to advance to padlocks and chains... well, that will come when she thinks she's going to start dating.

Wriggling: As stated, she is doing more of it now. Not surprising, as she's all grown up, which is to say almost 3 weeks. She can't crawl, but before I could leave her unattended on my desk (it's a big desk) for a minute. However, now she wriggles enough if she's not very well swaddled, that I'm afraid she could wriggle herself over the edge of the desk.

Girls & boys: At that party for her 6-year old cousin, it was a Princess theme. All little girls (and some grown up ones like Nom) love being Princesses. One of the mothers also brought her 11-month old boy. He looked confused by the events. Don't worry, young'un, you'll get older, and girls still won't make any sense to you. Do doubt Hedgefund will enjoy befuddling her male admirers soon enough (or her female ones if she turns out to be gay). As I've said, and not just talking as the doting father who will always find her beautiful, she does have a fair chance to be striking looking when she grows up, with her mix of features.

Eurasian: An old term, is it not? I tend to like old terms, but I'll pass on this one, much like no longer saying half-breed or mulatto. "Eurasian" does have a nicer and exotic ring to it. However back when that term was in vogue, it was rather a term of derision. She is mixed White and Asian; as such, in modern society, she will be slightly exotic, not an outcast.

Condoms: One of the bottles we tried (the Playtex) had a collapsible, disposable liner. It looked like a giant condom. The bottle didn't work well, but it's never too early to teach them to use precautions in all things.

Pseudcyesis: A couple of years back, I had some severe shin splints, stopped running, and put on some weight. I got some of it off, but all during Nom's pregnancy, there was 5-10 pounds that just wouldn't go. Within a week of her giving birth, most of it went away.
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All of these happened recently, and I'm talking about me, not Hedgefund.

Literally: Just before leaving for a social event, we changed, fed, and burped Hedgefund. Nom is better at feeding than I am, but I'm better at burping her. It's amazing what big burps can be produced by such a tiny body. In this case, was so good, got spit up with it. All over my favorite shirt. (Well, actually, it's Nom's favorite of my shirts. I don't really care that much as long as it's prsentable. Doesn't matter what & why I was wearing, had to go change.) "I hereby christen you the SS Messy Daddy."

Medically: Had to take Hedgefund to the Pediatrician for an unscheduled visit for the first time. That is, we thought she was actually having a problem, not just a Well Baby Check.  She was having some exudate from her eyes. When it's your child (or family, or self) being a doctor is both a pro and a con. The con? You know enough to scare yourself. (Of course, with the "wonders" of the internet, everyone can, and does, manage that these days.) The pro? You actually don't get all that excitable. You know lots of things go away by themselves, most of the rest are easily treatable, and you actually do know when to go running down to Emergency or not. This was clearly the "or not" category. The Ped determined it wasn't infected, just something kids sometimes go thru until their tear ducts mature. It's already getting better with warm compresses.

Socially: One's of Hedgefund's cousins was having a birthday party. Her sixth birthday. There were a number of six year old girls there. How many? Counting in my mind, there were one, two... about 3000 little girls, all talking and shrieking at once. Why didn't anyone warn me about this part? Diapers and such I can handle, but this?! Is it too late to change my mind? Doesn't matter, am keeping her. Just no birthday parties until she's, uh, 35-ish.
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Finally had enough of balloons and crepe around the place and took it all down this past weekend. Have to admit I partly miss it, but with Hedgefund on the way, will probably look back at these next few weeks with a nostalgia for when I didn't live in a place knee-deep with girliness.

Threw out the crepe, but brought in the balloons into the office. This was partly to add the touch of whimsy and eccentricity to my practice, and partly to brighten up the day for to drive crazy Evil Secretary. Kept telling patients "you've been a good boy/girl, you can have a balloon," but no takers. When I went downstairs to get a sandwich, I mentioned the balloons to the lady who runs the tiny snack shop. She expressed an interest in having some, so I brought 4 down to her when I left. I don't think the office door was entirely closed behind me when ES popped the rest of them.
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After enjoying the camaraderie, ethnicity, and libations of Burns Night, am vaguely thinking/daydreaming about having one celebration/themed party each month. Probably this is only a daydream, but you free spirits / entrepreneurial types might so consider:

Jan - Burn's night
Feb - Hallowe'en
Mar - St. Paddy's Day
Apr - Passover and/or Easter
May - not sure, but Celtic spring with maypole?
Jun - St. Jean Baptiste
Jul - US Independence Day/Canada Day
Aug - not sure
Sep - not sure, but dang its great weather in Montreal
Oct - Samhain
Nov - US Thanksgiving?
Dec - Christmas, Hannukkah, Kwanzaa, Solstice


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