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Alone, I’m more into doing than relaxing. I used to spend the first day just walking the downtown of a new city. I might spend 8 hours just walking. Then I’d see all the “sights”. I’d only eat in the best, or at least best-known, places (eg either Michelin-rated or Varsity Hotdog). Big on traveling light. Once went to Europe for weeks? months? and only took 1 flight bag that I packed 15 minutes before leaving for the airport. Three sets of underwear and washed them out in the sink at night. Oddly enough, when I was in the military, often had much more stuff. If I deployed, the Army was big on "making sure you have whatever you need, whatever happens. That means, in additon to field gear and body armor, carried both hot and cold weather stuff. I knew at least one doc who was initially deployed to somewhere very hot (Kuwait?); then got sub-deployed for some weeks to somewhere very cold (mountains of Afghanistan?) Bottom line, a rucksack and 4 duffel bags to go anywhere. What was even weirder, was going somewhere on a long weekend with the Reserves. I'd often need: working (field) uniform with boots, dress uniform with dress shoes, civilian clothing with casual shoes, and PT (workout) uniform with sneakers. All this (including the 4 sets of footware) for 3-4 days. I've been been a fashionista (*understatement*), but this masses of clothing luggage gives me some understanding into that life. This from a man who does own 3 pairs of shoes: all black, slip-ons, not quite identical, but close. (Never used to wear slip-on shoes, but since currently live under Asian household rules, much easier than lace-ups.)
With small kids, travel is still not Relaxing (note capital R). Just much slower. Pick up stuff at a local market supermarket to eat in the room (microwavable). Eat off-hours anywhere decent. If manage one tourist sight before kids crash/meltdown, then we’re doing well. Walk a bit, pushing stroller until kids nap. Much chilling in the room, or maybe poolside. Rinsing shirt in sink. Not underwear. Traveling light... except for all the stuff for kids. At some point it has been 1small suitcase for Nom and I, 2 large ones for kids stuff. And that's not even counting the stroller. Airlines love us. (I tend to head straight for the priority check-in. Maybe they don't like it, but will like 2 hyperactive kids running around check-in even less. They can bill me an extra 25-cents.) This last trip, Hedgefund decided that the ideal mix was 1 large suitcase for her, and 1 for everyone else together. Did I mention fashionista? We convinced her otherwise.
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We were almost too tired to go away but wanted to break up the period of "kids off from day care" and of winter cold. Also we'd already booked the 5 days away, so off we went. Any doubts about that's being the right decision were erased when we got to our hotel and stood on the outside walkway looking at the ocean (well Gulf of Mexico to be precise). In the warmth. Had sudden urge to change careers to "inspect sunsets through bottom of beer stein while sitting on a beach." Unlikely to actually happen anytime soon, but very strong urge. (On the other hand, summers there are unbearably hot and humid, so beginning to understand snow birds.) Since not actually moving anytime soon, do need to make sure the kids know how to skate and ski and other activities that make one enjoy winter (at least until they go to Med School at UBC (or possibly U Hawaii).

Downside was the long traveling (basically first and last day spent in transit) and that we all came down sick and spent most of the last day sitting around the hotel feeling miserable and puking. Upside was warm and relaxing and beautiful.

Impressions )

Some specifics )

L'envoi. “Goodbye ocean, goodbye palm trees, goodbye warm weather"
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I'm on vacation. Had a jam-packed off Friday. I was expecting that, as there are always people I want to see before I shut down for 2 weeks, so the week before, and especially the day before, I shut down, are always packed with last minute issues. I'm not going anywhere, it's more of what we in these parts call as "staycation," a.k.a. "going to Kitchen Inn," or in French, "balconville."

Started off the vacation with a great show. Montreal is big on festivals. Trying to prove we're a first-ranked megacity. We ain't, but we have fun. All summer there are different festivals: jazz, comedy, movies, etc. This week is Montréal Complètement Cirque ("Montreal Completely Circus"), and last night there was a free show of Phénix (https://montrealcompletementcirque.com/en/program/shows/phenix/ ). Picnic in the park, and watch juggling, dance, acrobatics, and more. Most circuses in Montreal are inspired by Cirque du Soleil; maybe most around the world now. More fantasia, more choreography. I think needed in the modern world. A century ago, could watch someone juggle 3-4 balls and be totally fascinated. Now we've all seen better on television, so need more than the simple acts/actions. Children and adults (we met some friends there) all really enjoyed.

We went via Metro, which was a first for the kids. They handled it well. Good. They're urban kids, they should be comfortable on the Metro. More comfortable in Montreal than NYC, because Metro here is rubber tired and therefore doesn't hurt the ears. (That's one of the things I no longer appreciate about NYC. I don't mind the bigness and crowds, I don't like noise to the level of phyically painful. Put dang rubber tires on the subways, or otherwise engineer them better.) Not all the Montreal Metro stations are stroller friendly, but I find strollers do fine on the wide escalators. For the stations that only had stairs, we just looked around for some young man looking friendly and reasonable strong to help me carry it up or down the stairs while Nom herded the kids.
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Last boxes unpacked or semi-put-away. Large pile of stuff in my den to be filed, fixed, answered, or otherwise dealt with. Am on vacation, and busy resting. Which is to say, paperwork and child care. Need to get back to work seeing disgusting skin diseases and thereby get some rest.

Yesterday we had a New Years Day "at home," which is to say that we stayed at home, and hosted… no one! Perfect. Nom has been doing some fine cooking lately. For someone who could barely boil water when I met her, and still bemoans her lack of skills (and who does use every pot and utensil we own to make each meal), she has become a fine cook. Growing up her mom never taught her, and even as an adult living on her own, mom insisted on bringing food over every day (only rarely now, it was a bit embarrassing). She made gourmet mac & cheese for lunch: three types of cheese & seasoned bread crumbs (a specialty of Olive & Gourmando, well-known, small, local restaurant). For dinner we had surf & turf (steak and lobster tails). (Not sure if there is a trend with the ampersands in the meals, or if that is just happenstance.) I'm getting spoiled, he said with no embarrassment at all.

It officially become New Years around yesterday evening after dinner, which is to say, that's when we watched our taping of the ball dropping in Times Square. (Which as I've mentioned is the actual definition of the changing of the year.) The kids were entirely unimpressed, but Nom and I counted down, then toasted the new year with sparkling non-alcoholic "wine." Yeah, we're boring, but we're boring together.


Jan. 9th, 2017 02:27 pm
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No snow, but bitchin' cold. Single digits and down below zero even on your archaic system. Should warm up tomorrow.

Back to work tomorrow, so past coupla days just felt like regular weekend, not part of vacation.
*Pout* Well, do need to get back to work so I can get some peace and quiet.


Jul. 29th, 2015 05:11 pm
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Right now am off for 2 weeks. Have no plans to do anything special, just to chill, what we Quebeckers refer to as spending the vacation in Balconville (e.g. on your own balcony). Have to be careful I don’t enjoy it too much, or might not remember to go back to work. Today had a spa coupon that Nom had gotten me a while back. Had a lovely massage, then a haircut and shave. When I'm not working, I'm generally too lazy to shave. Many man find shaving relaxing and/or part of their morning ritual. I find waking up to be enough or a morning ritual (ahhh, the good old days when I could gainfully sleep until noon), and shaving to be annoying. Decided to have them give me an old fashioned shave with a straight razor. Hard to describe the feeling. Not quite luxurious or sensuous, but something decidedly indulgent about it. Don't do it much, could probably count on the fingers of one hand. The first time was on a street corner barber in Pakistan. Definitely a little fear mixed in with the indulgent feeling. No such fears today. It is a slow process, carefully taking off a few hairs at a time. Afterwards had an ordinary haircut. Unfortunately had some vital errands to take care of, or might have spent the whole day there, but definitely a relaxing & enjoyable time.
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Weather was weird last night, so didn't sleep well. First day back at work after wonderful trip to NYC. Not a happy camper today. No annoying patients - that is, above and beyond life being annoying because of the conditions set by the first two sentences. In brief, I was ready for lunch by half-hour after getting to the office, and ready to go home half-hour after that. When office finally over, ran a few errands, came home, played with Hedgefund, talked with Nom, did various chores. When tired, don't mind chores in that they don't require any brainpower. Here's to a better tomorrow.


Feb. 1st, 2014 05:28 pm
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Nom started her Mat Leave on Friday. Technically she is using up her own accumulated vacation, then will segue into Mat Leave. She was going to finish out the week, but Friday was Tet, so she was going to take it off anyhow. She may go in for a day or two, or work from home, to help the transition, but essentially is now off work.

I took off Friday also (well, I generally) do, and went to Temple with her, and had dinner with her family. The problem is that mentally, since "we" are going to be off for the next xx months, I should also be off, and not have to go back to work on Monday. Intellectually I know I'm not off (will be taking some weeks Pat Leave later), but emotionally am going to be very annoyed when I have to show up at the office.

Home again

Sep. 22nd, 2013 06:42 am
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Doing the 'home again' things: putting stuff away, checking nothing broken or leaking, laundry (not only what I took on vacation, but some seems to have appeared spontaneously back home while I was away), food shopping (did you know that milk goes bad if left in 'fridge too long?), etc. Stopped by office to say hi to Evil Secretary and go through the 2 foot high stack of mail, reports, bills, etc that always builds up. Relived half of the vacation in that already got credit card statement covering that period (gosh, even paying bills can be sorta enjoyable).

While at office, checked that all was well with Dr. S, who should now be introduced. She's a recently qualified Dermatologist (recently as in "just finished this June") who will be sharing my office part time. She'll be there about 1-1/2 days per week when I'm not in the office. She covered my office full time the two weeks I was away, which was the first time she's officially practiced on her own as a fully qualified specialist. She's a bit slow, as is normal with a new practitioner, but is smart and pleasant and will do well.
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Yet more family. Having been out late, we slept in, ate a spot of brunch, then visited Raven again. Nom wanted to bring her flowers (she be well-raised, that one is), but casinos don't have florists and didn't want to waste too much time looking for one that was open. Odd what was and wasn't open on the 31st. [livejournal.com profile] ravensron had to work, but the costume shop V recommended was closed.

Capital Grille. A branch of the one in DC, and belies what I posted yesterday about dumbing down flavors. Decor, views, service, and especially the food was absolutely first class.

Vegas: The Show. Were considering another Cirque de Soleil show, but preferred something different as counterpoint. Went to Tix 4 Tonight, the LV equivalent of NY's TKTS half-priced same-day tickets. They also have restaurant and sightseeing discounts. Vegas: The Show was a review and traditional, old-style LV show, complete with the girls in bikinis and feathered headdresses (very risqué back in the day). They had impersonators of everyone from Elvis to Sonny and Cher to the Rat Pack. It was fun, and a taste of old Vegas.

New Year's Eve. The show was at Planet Hollywood, and afterwards we went out front to watch the fireworks. It was the perfect spot: PH had the best display, and we were right under it, plus we could see four other casinos' displays (2 to either side); five simultaneous pyrotechnic shows. The displays were true Vegas in that they were more impressive in their exuberance than their artistry, but great fun. The strip was closed to vehicles, and people were out in force. It reminded me of Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Mobs of (mostly) good-natured, and (variably) inebriated folks swarming the street. Some had hats or other headgear (I especially liked the electric rabbit ears); some had those %#*^#+ plastic horns; some had gizmos that shot off streamers or confetti. (A few shot them off before midnight. Get a grip people! Or is that simply a form of premature ejaculation?) A beer or two later ourselves, we bedded down in the wee hours on the last night of a great vacation.

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First things first: 45 cm snow in Montreal and I'm in California. As in no snow and 17 degrees. Hahahahaha.

What I've seen so far largely reinforces my image of SoCal (Southern California): freeways, malls, strip malls, low flat pseudo-Spanish architecture. We are in the heart of Little Saigon. Driving down the main drag, there is a Vietnamese restaurant, followed by a Vietnamese restaurant, then a Vietnamese restaurant, and after that a Vietnamese restaurant. Interspersed are other rather cliched VN businesses such as nail salons and massages (the legitimate kind). Also a goodly number of the next generation cliches: doctors, pharmacies, and dentists (can you say 'hard-working and therefore upwardly mobile immigrants?'). Between those are the businesses you'd find anywhere (florist, mortician, gym) but with VN owners and sometimes writing, which in turn sometimes is further subtitled hablamos espagnol.

Some of Nom's large extended family lives in this area, but many have come in from across the US and Canada. They are quite varied in age and English ability (although most of the older ones at least speak good French) but all have the justly-famous Asian good manners. The are a pleasant bunch. I'm not fond of small talk, but I manage, and some have interesting life stories to tell. Some use English names, most VN names, and some seem to be 'named' things like 'Aunt Six,' Uncle Seven,' or 'Great Aunt Four.' If any don't like that Nom's dating a white guy, they don't show it to me, although frankly I don't think anyone does mind it. Apparently the other white guy who is with a family member got out of coming by having a heart attack; I wasn't clever enough to pull that off, but as stated, the family is pleasant. The negative, if I can even call it such, which is the flip side to the politeness, is that even more than most large groups, everyone does a version of 'Wadda you wanna do?' 'Dunno, wadda you wanna do?' Then suddenly a decision is made, and Nom gets 5 minutes warning that we're all going out to dinner. Much of the decision making process is unstated, but understood by the participants who grew up in that culture. So far, at least, no karaoke.

Yesterday, Nom and I went to Disneyland. She'd never been, despite being a Disney Princess and loving all things Disney. I find the place vaguely amusing, and enjoyed her enjoyment; she's a big kid at heart. Didn't go on any rides, as the wait times were over an hour for most, but did take the Railroad which is an amusement ride in itself. We mostly strolled around, went through some of the walk-through attractions (eg Tarzan's Treehouse and Sleeping Beauty's Castle), shopped, ate, and saw the Parade. If we ever take our putative future offspring, will go when not a vacation time for most people, and bring lots of time and money. Will philosophize about Disney more in another post; gotta go and act sociable now.


Dec. 21st, 2012 06:55 pm
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Glad the world didn't end, as I am on vacation!

In past, have always opened for a few days during the holidays in case someone really needed me. First couple of years, was open for 2 days, then dropped it to 1-1/2, then 1, then 1/2-day. Few people came, and those that did could have waited until the New Year. This year, they are going to have to wait (and if it can't wait, they can go to Emerg and the on-call team will see them).

Had the office lunch today (sushi, with Evil Secretary and a couple of other folks), ran a few errands, then came home to do some serious goofing off. Watched the end of the last season of Entourage, made dinner (marinated steak, mashed potatoes and salad), lit a fire, and sipped some Grand Marnier. Was never big on Grand Marnier before, but this really hit the spot. Found a rather dusty bottle in my cabinet. Not even really sure where I got it - I think it had been sitting in my parent's basement since it was Petit Marnier. It's odd, since my parents didn't drink much. If we had a formal dinner, Dad would maybe have 1 glass. My late Mother would pour herself half-a-glass and occasionally touch it to her lips to be polite. WWC, who is a complete snot, wouldn't even do that; she'd just sit there looking superior about not drinking. (Love you Sis, but you're complete snot. But then, you knew that, and you're proud of it. *Hugs*) They never understood that ravensron and I like to drink occasionally. (These days it's very occasionally for me, so I'm a cheap drunk).

Next week, going traveling with Nom. Tonight, in case I didn't mention it already, nothing but goofing off. I'M ON VACATION.

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Went to work on Friday. A big day - 2 whole hours. Laugh if you will, Gentle Reader, but I was drained by the end of it. I was working while deployed, but the pacing was different, it was not the one-after-another seeing patients. Sometimes seeing patients is more like a short order cook than office work. I also realize that I just need recovery time. Recovery from the mental change of having been deployed, and also some plain 'ole rest. I haven't had a real vacation in a year and a half. I usually tell myself that I don't need vacations - I just tack on a day or two to professional trips (Army or Dermatology), but I need some mental down time right now. I'm not complaining, but I do need it. I am seeing friends and very slowly getting back to work, but loafing is still going to be a strong part of the schedule.
Went for a run today. I'm can feel that I'm getting (back) into running. It was the same 30 minutes along the canal that I've done twice now, but I was less tired and my legs ache less. The leaves are happening, but they are not going to be really pretty this year. It's rainy, and the leaves fall almost as soon as they change. Still, Autumn is my fav season (although I like having 4 seasons).
 Back courtyard of condo )
I realize I have to be careful driving. Montréalers are terrible drivers, and I seem to be joining their ranks. I haven't driven much in 5 months, and it's a more perishable skill than one thinks. The only driving I did overseas was the one time I got to drive the Stryker. They are easy to park, as you can just crush any car that took your parking spot. Not so much with Dad's old car. Also, since it is a mini station wagon, and I'm used to a sedan, I keep not being sure where the vehicle ends.
I’m continue to trim things. I trimmed my houseplant (care of advice from [livejournal.com profile] plantmom), trimmed my closet of excess clothing, going to further trim my LJ tags, and my computer files (don't need all my old Army files). Getting out of the Army is one big life-trim.

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Meanwhile, vacation going well. Spent a few days at a resort in Delaware, just loafing. Needed loafing time. Then visited friends in DC.

Today went to a picnic at my unit. It is officially a team-building exercise/organizational day for the full time staff. Otherwise known as "you've been working really hard, so once in a while, take half a day off and chill." Since I was in the area, it made sense (and was fun) to show up, introduce Tina, and talk to folks.

Read the first in a series of vampire stories by Tanya Huff? Can't remember who recommended. Take place in Toronto (puh-tui!); the vampire is a bastard son of Henry VIII, and the human is a woman, former cop, who has some sort of visual degenerative disease slowly causing night blindness. Wasn't all that good, but interesting premise, and not a lot of vampire stories set in Canada.

Happy Labor Day to all


Aug. 26th, 2010 09:30 pm
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I'm actually going to be taking one (for a week) starting tomorrow afternoon. Should more precisely say, "we're going to be taking one." Have no idea where or what. This is unusual for me, Mr. Obsessional, who usually has a list of what he wants to do. Usually an overly-long list, which involves too many miles for too little time. I like to move. This time, no list. Oh, there are a few items here and there, but only a few. I need to veg. Lie around and read and watch movies and go for leisurely walks and generally relax. We'll see how much that happens.

Las Vegas

Aug. 24th, 2009 09:21 pm
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Happy Birthday, [livejournal.com profile] ravensron ! The purpose of this trip was to celebrate that you're OLD. Bwahahahaha. Ain't it great to have family? We, that is me, WWC (11, since you ask), and Dad, flew out to LV to help  [livejournal.com profile] ravensron celebrate the big 6-0. Bottom line: had a blast. Yes, seeing family, and we all had fun. A pox upon those of you who missed it.  A few random notes and details follow.
-- Needed to take electronic gadgets. All of the gadgets have chargers. Sometimes the charger is as big as the gadget. At this rate, will need extra suitcase just for the chargers.
--  Besides the chargers, was bringing boots and field uniforms (going to Ft. Polk directly from LV for Army business - subject of separate post). Therefore stooped to checking baggage.
-- U.S. departures are now from a different wing of Montreal airport. Brand new, as in opened just that morning. This does not cut down the bureaucracy, line-waiting, and general annoyance, but at least they had balloons, free coffee, and a strolling ragtime band. The have lots of people on duty to direct you where to go, help you with the self-check-in, and otherwise aid you in every possible way except actually checking you in. In fact, if they put all those people to work just checking you in, it would go faster and be less annoying.
-- With the heat, either wearing watchband very loosely, or not wearing a watch. Hey! according to [livejournal.com profile] marlenemcc  that is item 1 that officially means I'm not old http://marlenemcc.livejournal.com/176252.html. As to item 6: not your business.
-- Did I mention how great the family time was?
Day 1:
-- Indian food for lunch.
-- Raven cooked dinner. Not sure I've had her cooking before, it was good.
-- Then headed back to airport to pick-up WWC and Dad who were on a much later flight which also got delayed.
-- While waiting for them, had a drink at airport bar (minor relevance later).
Day 2:
-- Breakfast at Maple Tree Cafe ([livejournal.com profile] ravensron 's fav breakfast spot) then saw his office (I've been, but the other two hadn't) and met his co-workers.
-- Auto museum at one of the casino's.  Not sure 'museum' is right word, as most of them were for sale, but very cool anyhow. Some were recent enough that [livejournal.com profile] ravensron had friends who owned one, but most were old. Lots of them were one-of-a-kind or limited production, either race cars or other specialty items. Goodly number of all Rolls-Royce's (the old ones that looked like an elegant, expensive car;  one's built since 1955-ish just look like cars).
-- Raven cooked dinner again. Wanted to make catfish for Dad. Several of their friends and kids were there.
Day 3:
-- Haircut. Since going to Ft. Polk, hair had to go from short to real short.
-- Afternoon comedy-magic show: Mac King. Recommended.
-- Dressing to go out... WWC (having just washed hair): "do you have a comb I can borrow?" Me: dramatic flourish to new haircut.
-- Dinner at [livejournal.com profile] ravensron and Raven's favorite place to celebrate, called Hugo's Cellar. Very good restaurant with lots of service.
-- Freemont Experience after dinner. They've roofed over a part of the Freemont Street (old downtown casino main strip before The Strip). They do a sound-and-light show every hour at night. Freemont Street is actually more fun/more traditional Vegas than the strip. The casinos are smaller, and have other businesses sandwiched between, and you can stroll from one to the other (subject of another post).
Day 4:
-- More hanging out and talking with family.
-- Thai food for lunch. Raven not feeling well, so the rest of us ate at the restaurant but picked some up for her. The waitress knew her and what she wanted. Also remembered me, who had only been there once.
-- Rained. Yes, the dreaded desert flash floods with the arroyos instantly overflowing. Okay, was actually about 20 drops, but did certifiably rain in the desert while we were there.
-- Exercise and massage at hotel spa.
-- Penn and Teller. They rock! The tricks are actually very standard, but they way they dress them up is awesome.
Day 5:
-- Pancakes for breakfast at another fav of theirs, called imaginatively enough, The Pancake House.
-- I had a slightly later flight than the other two, so after depositing them at security, we had a drink at the airport bar, thereby coming full circle on this trip.


Jun. 30th, 2009 06:43 am
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It is a gray day, and my mood is gray. Woke up, and instead of the sun shining on the Seine, I saw the rain and fog and the building across the way. Vacation over; back to work.

(Have one more posting about the trip, but that will keep for now.)

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First day back after the holidays. Groan. Was ready to get back. I like what I do, but I also like taking off. Usually I have the fine balance of working like a fiend and goofing off. Enjoyed the time off, by Sunday, I was equally bored not being at work and blue about having to go back. Was very cheerful with the patients, but moving slow. I usually run on time, but at one point today I was backed up 5 patients. "Are you overbooking me, I am I just slow this morning?" I grumbled at Evil Secretary. "You're slow." Like she'd say anything else. But in point of fact, I was just moving slow. In the end, a good day.
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     Too short a time with the Vegas branch of the family, but there is never enough time to do everything in life, including the enjoyable parts. May get out there again soon, for a medical conference (ahhh, the joys of legitimate, tax-deductible travel). Of course, people could actually find their way to Montreal...
   Flight back to NYC wasn't too bad, only an hour late. Sadly, these days, that counts as good. Actually, no travel disasters this trip: didn't lose luggage (didn't check any), no hurricanes or other severe weather, no crimes committed against me (or by me against anyone else for that matter), no food poisoning or other illness... Hey, maybe I should take vacation more often.
   Saw Dad again. He's doing as well as can be expected at 85. He's picked up a part time job. For years, and certainly since Mom died, he's been saying he needs something to get him up in the morning, otherwise he just lays around the house and doesn't do anything. At that age, he's certainly earned the right to do nothing if he prefers, but he doesn't prefer that, he's bored. It is a little scary to see one's parents on the downhill slide, and realize that is one's future. I'm told children don't have a sense of mortality, but in my case, I always did. For as far back as I can remember, I was aware that I would die some day, and it scared me. I've come to terms with that - either there is an afterlife (which I doubt), in which case what's the worry, there will still be something; or there isn't, in which case what's the worry, as I won't know about it. What is more scary is becoming infirm. The signs are there, mostly that after years of being near-sighted (I'm told there is a big "E" at the top of the eye chart - I can't independently verify that), I'm becoming far sighted also. And they don't cancel each other out - you end up being unable to see either near or far without help. Actually, that has been coming on for a couple of years, it is just that has been getting worse this year. I haven't been able to wear contact lenses for a couple of years, because with my work I have to work really, really close to things, and you can't peer over the top rim of a set of contact lenses. (The bifocal contacts aren't good enough for me.)
   Anyhow, I'm very glad for Dad about the job, and hope it works for him.
   Sunday, I drove back to Montreal. I was expecting to get hassled at the border, bringing back the antique rifle (and 1870 Enfiled), but had all the paperwork in order, and I look respectable, so not problems. Too forever to unload the car, since I also brought back all the extra books, boots, uniforms, etc that I had mailed to Dad's house from Afghanistan. It was enough that I did the duffel-bag drag with 4 duffels, this would have added at least one more. Not really a problem, but I had finally unpacked and put away everything that I brought back with me originally, and this extended the process.
   There's more to say, but I have to (ugh) go to work. Caio.


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