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Feb. 18th, 2019 01:26 pm
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1) I saw that Smart Bitches was asking readers what social media platforms they use. Reading the responses reminded me that I so rarely see people talk about how Dreamwidth being an RSS feed reader is an enormous benefit! I read content here from standalone blogs, news services, LJ, Tumblr, AO3, and so on, all in one place. It made me curious –- how many people here use feeds? There seems to be a very long list of them active but only about 250 have more than 9 readers (and who knows how many of those subscribed are even still active on this site).

2) Speaking of feeds, I'm pulling back from using Tumblr. I'll keep my account for use with things like Buffyversetop5, but between DW and PF and trying to learn what I can do with Hubzilla, it's a bit much to be checking all these accounts daily. As a result, I've started some feeds at Hubzilla and a few new ones here to keep up with accounts I was following there.

3) Over on Pillowfort, someone linked to a post about authors complaining about being exposed to reader insults and negativity about their work. Read more... )

4) I recently watched the film Monster and quite liked its approach. Read more... )

5) Nabbed from Petzi, I find this story about workplace intrusion into employee activity, particularly the gathering of data on them, seriously alarming. Read more... )

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Nun stays home. Film at 11.

Feb. 18th, 2019 08:48 am
sistawendy: (weirded out)
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I just blew off any and all clubbing on a three-day weekend, one week after being snowed in. Who am I and what have I done with [personal profile] sistawendy?

In truth, I was pretty wiped out yesterday, and I had some projects to do yesterday and today. Plus, there are good plans for Friday & Saturday.

This goes beyond what I can fathom

Feb. 18th, 2019 02:46 pm
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Or, being home IT support...

Partner's computer has been connected to the home network via a TP Powerline, i.e. an ethernet connection.

There have lately been problems and in fact, the connection has defaulted to the (weak and fluctuating) wifi that reaches the back room.

We have therefore replaced the existing TP Powerline (which was of some antiquity, as I recall), but this does not seem to have fixed the problem. The computer recognises that there is an ethernet connection to the home network there, but says there is No Internet.

This is getting beyond my competence to deal with.

O, all knowledge which is on Dreamwidth, can you help me?

ETANow seems to have sorted itself! Boggle.

D.O.P.-T. (yesterday)

Feb. 18th, 2019 06:32 am
weofodthignen: selfportrait with Rune the cat (Default)
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The disco ball effect of sunshine alternating with showers (the housemate's comparison) finally petered out, leaving things chilly and full of puddles. I saw one rainbow all week, from the bus; as we returned from the supermarket, snow-topped hills were visible in the distance.

(no subject)

Feb. 18th, 2019 08:58 am
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Protests planned against Trump's national emergency over the border wall

It's a bit miserable out there for a protest, but if I go early to the one at Union Square I can hit up the bookstore and also get some groceries. (Or is it more appropriate to do my shopping after?)

postscript: future travel plans

Feb. 17th, 2019 11:06 pm
sistawendy: (oh yeah)
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One of my agenda items for my trip to Olympia was to talk about plans to travel with the Tickler. I approached the subject with some trepidation because I was starting to get cold feet about going to Ibiza in May for two reasons:
  1. The more I hear about Ibiza, the more it seems that it's jumped the shark and gone frat in a big way.
  2. The Vampire Masquerade Ball in Portland is happening on May 25th, and even though I haven't been there in five years, I got a funny feeling it's time to go: people like [personal profile] trystbat who I only get to see once in a purple moon are going to be there.
Well, the VMB isn't really the Tickler's style, but to my relief she was right there with me on that first item. So, this year looks like VMB in the spring and Folsom in September.

I already have my VMB ticket & room. I'm driving down Saturday and I'll have room in my Prius if anyone wants to carpool.

Cat stuck in tree

Feb. 18th, 2019 02:11 am
conuly: (Default)
[personal profile] conuly
Firefighters called.

(See, now, that's the headline they should've gone with.)

Rescheduling my life

Feb. 18th, 2019 12:10 am
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I finally have taken to heart the admonition to get up and move around frequently. It is working well, and so now I must remember to keep doing it.

Instead of exercising for 20 minutes or more, but not often finding the time to fit that in, I started setting a timer, telling me that I need to stand up. Usually, I am sitting in my rocking chair, the puppies around me. And so I set another timer and exercise on the elliptical machine for 5 minutes (or, if it's feeling good, resetting for another 5). My blood sugar level dropped dramatically and evened out quite a bit.

This would not work at all, except that I can read my ebooks while exercising.

I am also sleepy, earlier in the night.


Feb. 17th, 2019 09:25 pm
emceeaich: (cylon baby jesus!)
[personal profile] emceeaich

☕️...White people love putting black-face on EVERYTHING except for Jesus. - Ally Israel

conuly: (Default)
[personal profile] conuly
And just told us that they "Aren't really into exploring".

I... I just don't even know.

Game minutiae cut for the bored )


Read more... )

my first overnight date in Olympia

Feb. 17th, 2019 08:18 pm
sistawendy: (Prius)
[personal profile] sistawendy
Now that the Tickler is settled into her ex's place in Olympia, we executed on a fairly mellow plan of eats, and literal Netflix and chill.

The Tickler, as always picked the eats; given that she knows Olympia way better than I do, this was an even better idea than usual. Grown-up dinner at the Waterstreet Cafe, and brunch at Our Table, both in downtown Oly. We partook of raw oysters at Waterstreet, Olympia being near Puget Sound's biggest concentration of shellfish beds. For brunch, the Tickler had something my dad would have approved of and I really didn't. Je ne regrette rien. Both restaurants are worthy choices, and being in Olympia they're not as expensive or crowded as comparable quality would be in Seattle.

It may surprise you not at all to hear that the Tickler is a popcorn snob: organic, oil-popped in a device that stirs the kernels automatically, with butter and nutritional yeast. Nom.

I wish I could say The Girl King was as good as the popcorn. It's a melodrama about Sweden's 17th-century Queen Kristina that should have been in Swedish, but wasn't. Not even fabulous costumes and gay stuff could hold our interest. But the Tickler saved the evening with Janelle Monae's Emotion Picture, which the Tickler had seen but I hadn't. It gave me the excuse I wanted to like her work more.

Sure, there were some cuddles and tickle fights, but I think I disappointed my poor girlfriend by falling asleep relatively early. I'd awoken at 0600 as usual. Moral: schedule dates with her for earlier in the evening.

The Tickler nearly tweaked her back shoveling snow so I'd have a place to park; the snow piles in Oly were much higher than the ones in Seattle ever were. For her back she took some cannabis concentrate that her ex had left behind; I think she took it right around the time I arrived, which was 1900. She said she was still stoned when I left at around 1430 this afternoon. Great stuff.


Feb. 17th, 2019 08:25 pm
oursin: Frontispiece from C17th household manual (Accomplisht Lady)
[personal profile] oursin

Bread made during week: Greenstein's Psomi Loaf, with toasted sesame seeds - mmmmmm.

Saturday breakfast rolls: the adaptable soft rolls recipe, 2:2:1 strong white/wholemeal/buckwheat flour, + dried cranberries.

Today's lunch: a fillet of wild Alaskan sockeye salmon, wrapped over a stuffing of breadcrumbs tossed in melted butter and lemon juice with zest of lemon, salt, pepper and dill, and baked under foil in a moderate oven, served with baby rainbow carrots roasted in goosefat (I am not sure this really adds much to them), garlic roasted kalettes (I fear their season must nearly be over, wah-wah-woh-woh), and padron peppers.

Links: Music, ear training

Feb. 17th, 2019 11:49 am
sonia: Quilted wall-hanging (Default)
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How About I Just Don't Play Laugh out loud funny rants about misapplied dynamic markings.
via [personal profile] amethyst73

Table of Intervals in Music Theory by Espie Estrella. This is for my own reference, how many half-steps in each interval and other info.

Earpeggio is a free ear training app I've been using on the iphone. It's well done, and I think I have gotten better, but I'm having real trouble now that it's adding diminished fifths and sevenths. Aside from repetition, it doesn't tell you anything about how to get better at identifying intervals. I have a good aural memory, so I'm okay with a fixed root note, but when the notes move around I have a hard time.

Interval Ear Training App another free ear training app I downloaded a while ago. It shows a piano keyboard, plays an interval, and has you reproduce it. It can be limited to a small range to start. At first I thought it was too simple, and it doesn't actually teach, but after getting a little better with Earpeggio I'm finding this one more useful.

Toned Ear: Ear Training is browser-based and looks useful. They also offer an app for $4.99.

More ear training apps, article by Michael Hahn. This includes at least one browser-based site, ear training. This browser-based one lets you keep trying different intervals until you get it right, which is useful for me. Their app is Tenuto, for $3.99.

I wish there were an app that would make it easier/faster for me to learn. I've gotten better with unison/thirds/fifths/octaves, but the finer gradations are still hard. I wonder how musicians learn this stuff. Endless, endless practice? Is it easier to learn as a kid?

ETA: One more music link Total Choir Resources tips for running a choir.
twistedchick: General Leia in The Force Awakens (Default)
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One further thought on the McCarrick matter: if all the clerics who have mistreated and abused people (at any level of power) are removed, it will be revolutionary for the way the church operates. I would like to think that it would make room for Francis to pick up that report written back in the early 60s during Vatican II that said that there was no reason in canon law that women could not be ordained (other than tradition) and run with it. A few years ago I was quoted the number 5,000, as the number of women who had completed theological, psychological and all other training for ordination; some would probably have died by now, but that still leaves thousands more. And if women are on the pulpit, no longer considered second class but treated with the equality that Jesus treated women, much more change could happen. Now, I don't expect the dominos to go toppling over that quickly -- but it puts it much closer in the realm of possibility.


One further Catholic note: the definition of The Church is not the guy at the altar and his bosses, but the people in the pews as well as the guy at the altar and his bosses. It's everyone who is Catholic -- the descriptive phrase since Vatican II is the People of God. So when I see people uniformly condemning the Catholic Church for the behavior of some of the hierarchy, I tend to write it off because it's clear to me that the person speaking is committing a logical fallacy: the few =/= the whole. If you are complaining about the actions of a particular person or persons in a particular place, what you complain about is not necessarily the case with other persons in other cases who are part of the same whole. In short: get as mad as you want about specific cases, but total condemnation reads as bigotry. I would say the same thing if you were to complain about a specific instance where someone of a different ethnic group did something you consider nasty and then attributed it to that person's ethnic group as a whole. I don't see a difference.

what does this actually mean?

Feb. 17th, 2019 11:54 am
twistedchick: General Leia in The Force Awakens (Default)
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Pope Defrocks Theodore McCarrick, Ex-Cardinal Accused of Sexual Abuse

This deserves more than just a headline link.

Francis has done something here that hasn't happened in history -- he has laicized a cardinal archbishop for committing sexual abuse, and not just any cardinal archbishop but one of the three most powerful in the country. This is the man who ran the Diocese of Washington, D.C., which includes Georgetown University and Catholic University -- you can't tell me that the guy at the top of the hierarchy has no input on decisionmaking at Catholic universities. (The other two most powerful dioceses are New York and Chicago; sometimes Boston get in there too.) Also, quoting the article:

Mr. McCarrick was long a prominent Catholic voice on international and public policy issues, and a champion for progressive Catholics active in social justice causes.

Which means he had a voice in what happened on the Hill.

What does it mean to laicize someone? Let me provide a comparison to the military, since in many ways the Catholic hierarchy is based on the Roman hierarchy at the time of Constantine.

Suppose you have a general who screws up really badly. Whoever's above him can bust him down a few ranks, remove him from power -- but he's still in the military. He's still subject to its rules. But if it's bad enough, and more is discovered, he might get kicked out all the way -- dishonorable discharge, not entitled to anything more in terms of military benefits, and possibly barred from some other jobs.

In McCarrick's case, the Pope removed him from ministry in June (took him away from the ordinary contact with people and the rights and privileges of being a cardinal archbishop). A month later McCarrick resigned from the Council of Cardinals (there goes his power and influence over the powerful) and suspended him from all priestly duties (can't celebrate the Mass, can't hear confessions, can't marry people, etc.) But being suspended doesn't mean he was out of the picture. He was still there, he just couldn't do anything. Now, by defrocking him, laicizing him, the Pope has taken away his identity and given him a new one: a known malefactor who has been punished after the accusations against him were proven true.

There is a financial side as well: a defrocked cleric at any level loses church-provided housing and financial benefits. McCarrick is 88; I suspect he lives in a church-sponsored residence. If so, not for long. Any stipend he received as retirement pay is gone. He might end up having to pay his own way in a small apartment with his Social Security, if he wasn't good at investing.

Some take-aways from this:

-- If the Pope will kick out a cardinal archbishop, a "prince of the church", those who have been abusers are due for their own reckoning.

-- I have not heard anything at all about the possibility of Church-backed (as in paying, not influencing) counseling for victims of abuse and their families. This should happen.

-- This should make it a little easier for people who have been abused and mistreated to come forward.

-- Abuse of power will now come at a high price.

Do I think this is the end of it all? No. This is the beginning, only the tip of it. More will come. The house needs cleaning; this is only beginning to clean one shelf in one closet, even if it's the top one.


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