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A scene repeated way too many times:

At oh dark thirty or so - today it was 0400 - I wake up for some dumb reason like insufficient blankies or needing to pee now now now. So I take care of that, but can't get back to sleep until my alarm goes off at 0600. I conk out for the couple of hours I just missed because I can't face life much less wrangle bits dependably on five hours of sleep or less.

Luckily, my employer is tolerant of such behavior, but it's often inconvenient to say the least. Turning off my alarm for the day doesn't seem to make much difference. And taking melatonin too late in the morning leaves me zombic* for the rest of the day. Even 0300 is pushing my luck with that.

Dreamwidth brain trust, do you have a solution?

*A Word That Should Be.

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Apr. 24th, 2019 02:10 pm
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Even as he sits down for the game, Hopper is aware he shouldn't be here.

He's a cop and he's a father of sorts and he has to be responsible unless he wants to fuck things up with Beverly, but it's his day off and she's in school, and he's definitely not the only cop at this decidedly illegal back room poker game, so he's telling himself it's just going to be this once.

Of course, that's the same bullshit he tells himself when he has just one beer.

But he's here now and it'd be worse to step away in the middle of the game, given the look of some of these guys, so he sits casually and comfortably in his chair and plays the hand he's dealt. A damn good hand. Hopper has always been good at poker, one of the few things he picked up from his dad and then just excelled at, even though he's sure his old man wouldn't see it that way. As a kid, he'd taken matchstick after matchstick from his father, as a teenager he'd been taking nickles from his buddies, and now as an adult, he's taking a fair bit of cash from these men who look like they might break his nose if they suspect he's cheating.

Hopper doesn't need to cheat. He just knows what he's doing. He's careful anyway and makes sure not to give any of them a reason to think he might be doing something sneaky.

In the end he walks out with less than he would have liked, but he still cleans up. The chips are returned, the cash counted out, and he's invited back next week, though they laugh about the invitation, making jokes about how they doubt he'll be able to afford the buy in. Hopper tells himself it doesn't matter if he can or not, he's not coming back next week, because he'll be damned if he fucks things up with looking after Beverly.

With the cash in his pocket, he stops at the bar for one drink, just one, and it might only be two in the afternoon, but no one here looks like the sort to judge. Once his drink is gone, the whiskey better than it has any right to be by the looks of this place, Hopper leaves a nice tip, then heads for the door, and out into the bright afternoon sun.

There's a bit of time before Beverly is out of school and he itches to go back inside and have another drink, but instead he begins to walk purposefully down the sidewalk. He needs someone to call, someone who won't be busy with work or school, someone who can keep him company so he doesn't drink. It's the middle of the damn day. He has to do better than this.

What happens next is a scene out one of those stupid romantic comedies, the kind of shit that has no business really happening, but here he is anyway. Two puppies come bounding rapidly around the corner, heading straight for his feet and immediately getting both leashes tangled around his ankles. He tries to step out of the mess, but one of the puppies jumps up on his shins, its tiny tail wagging so hard that its entire body is wiggling and Hopper reaches down to pet it as he steps between the leashes.

The only problem is that three other dogs come around the corner at that moment, only tangling him further, and then there's a woman with all five leashes clutched in her hand, apologizing profusely as he grunts and stammers and tries not to behave like too much of an asshole as she wrangles her dogs.

"Want one?" she asks with an exasperated laugh.

"Are they for sale?" he surprises himself by asking.

"They're shelter dogs," she says. "They're all up for adoption."

It's not a bad idea, he thinks as he finally frees himself from the dog pile. Beverly might like one and a dog would be a hell of a distraction.

[Be in the poker game or in the bar, or find him after the game when he leaves and witness/be part of his ridiculousness. COME BE FRIENDS. HE NEEDS MORE FRIENDS. Open until this says otherwise.]

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Apr. 24th, 2019 02:53 pm
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Celeste Montgomery finds herself in a strange new world, and David Rose finds more in his closet than he was bargaining for.

[ HERE | ongoing | celeste being a real dick. a bit of homophobic language. excess arrogance ]


Apr. 24th, 2019 12:56 pm
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1) Only a few episodes into Killing Eve and I suddenly realized that the fun of watching it was the same fun that Spike introduced to Buffy. Read more... )

2) Speaking of seductions, I really liked the second episode of Fosse/Verdon Read more... )

3) The last episode of B99 made me feel shippy about Kevin and Raymond :) At the same time I could not get into Amy and Jake's argument about having kids in the episode before it. Read more... )

4) Speaking of reproduction, we have robins right now trying to nest on our door wreath. We took the first wreath off the door and let it sit on the ground for about a week. We hoped they'd stop, which they did. However even after removing their nest-in-progress, when we put it back on the door, they started right up again.

We've just put up a new wreath and put a dead plant pot with their nest materials by the door. I sprayed the new wreath with a natural oil insect repellent so maybe that'll work? One door nest has been enough.

5) Some pertinent articles about the lack of diversity progress in entertainment fields: An exec who expected the investigation about Les Moonves' behavior to delve into racial discrimination at CBS found it was ignored, while the romance writers' field is diversifying a whole lot more slowly than fantasy and scifi. It astonishes me that there are still people who think these playing fields are even – it has to be a matter of deliberate ignorance because I don't see how it could be missed.

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I'm in a very cranky mood today. I shouldn't be - my train was cancelled at Jamaica and they told us to wait for the 8:25, but then had an interim train stop at my stop and a lady gave me her seat since she was getting off at Forest Hills, so I didn't even have to stand on the very crowded train and I made it to work at my usual time.

I also got a surprise extra payment from work today because they are changing the PTO policy and paying out all banked PTO in excess of a certain number of hours and I exceed that number by a bit, so I got a nice check, but the net is only half of what the gross is, thanks to taxes and other payroll deductions. Sigh. And they say I will still accrue my usual amount of PTO, but I wonder what the new policy is going to be - I have a feeling they are going to limit carryover time, or perhaps require that it be used by the end of the first quarter of the next year. I guess we'll see. There's other work bs happening too, but ugh. I do not want to attend a half day meeting to input updates in real time. That is not one of my skill sets and the whole thing is going to be terrible. I wonder if they'll buy me lunch though.

speaking of, I got a nice gift card for Administrative Professionals Day today that I was supposed to pretend I didn't know about even though boss3 checked with me to see if people had liked it last year (spoiler: they had). It's also my dad's birthday, and my gmail inbox is full of advertisements for mother's day so I just want to be all LEAVE ME ALONE - MY PARENTS ARE DEAD about things. I know, I know. But it's how I feel.

Anyway, I guess it's reading Wednesday, but since I was off Thurs-Mon, I didn't really do much book-reading; I spent my days off reading fic instead, so I have nothing new to report. Still reading Amnesty, still spoilers )

Meanwhile, my filters grow tighter and my blacklist longer as I try to stay unspoiled until Saturday when I finally see Endgame. I do not want to know!

Also, I am still annoyed that there is no ability to wrap tabs in Firefox. I really hate that they just scroll off screen. It is not optimal when I open a dozen stories to read later and then can't find the tab looking for at any given moment.

Have a poem:

The Price Is Going Up
by Ashe Vernon

My heart likes to start fights with
the inside of my ribs where everyone loses.
For weeks, my lungs have been
purple punching bags. My stomach
is being polished into a wood panel floor.
I'm selling tickets to my own heartbreak.
Blood and broken noses are what put
bodies in the seats.
These are real bar brawls, ladies and gentlemen.
Nothing is staged, here. Sure,
there have been a few–
The kind of hits you don't get back up from.
But that's the price of business, isn't it?
And don't you want a show?"


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Apr. 24th, 2019 10:47 am
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Previously, in Jewels in the Dark: You were hot on a lead, investigating Gabriella Langley for the disappearance of the Langley Jewels, when you ran afoul of her strict hiring practices and got bounced while trying to infiltrate as her social secretary. If you want to try that again, you're going to have to lay low for a while and let her forget your face. In the meantime...

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Charles Langley.
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A long, long time ago

Apr. 24th, 2019 11:46 am
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It was 1968, and I was in the 8th grade. When I was a teen heartthrob. )
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What I read

Finished Amnesty, and I think that was a good ending: not descending into grimdark but not fluffy-bunnies either, in keeping with the general tenor and a small note of hope.

Also finally finished The Strange Case of Harriet Hall and really, this is yet another 'neglected Golden Age detective novelist' that one can see why, really.

Catherine Dain, Dead Man's Hand (1997), which is the one where our protag has reached a place where the reader can see that perhaps the author did not quite know where to go next, which is the problem when you have a protag who changes and grows and is affected by the things that happen... I also started Dain's Angel in the Dark (A New Age Mystery #1) (1999), which failed to grab me and went into the donation bag. (Apparently there was a #2 in this series which I shall not be seeking out.)

And then I fell down an Amanda Cross rabbit hole, no, I don't know why, it just happened, they were on the shelf and I succumbed, I'm not even reading them in any particular order: Honest Doubt (2000), The Edge of Doom (2002), An Imperfect Spy (1995), The Puzzled Heart (1998), A Trap for Fools (1989), The Players Come Again (1990). And my sense is that Cross/Carolyn Heilbrun was having fun with these and being playful and not caring if they adhered to the Detective Club rules or even had a murder in them and was using that strategy of writing in genre so that she could do the late C20th version of 'o, it is only a novel' while having plots in which noxious professors get defenestrated, women bond &/or find life after unsatisfactory marriage, etc.

On the go

Amanda Cross, Poetic Justice (1970) - this must be one, I think, I bought somewhere like Sisterwrite or Compendium Books, way back in the day.

Charlotte Lennox still on the go.

Up next

Apart from more Amanda Cross, I have, I think, somewhere, a couple of collections of Heilbrun's essays.

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Yesterday, I gave both my last lecture and my first final exam of the semester. The end is in sight!


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