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Forecast was for rain all weekend, which would make the soil too sodden for certain steps in gardening, so i took Friday off. The south end of the garden plot is now fenced and therefore i could uncover the greens and lettuce that have overwintered. I did much puttering about in the despite the wet.

Gardening to-dos and meanderings )

Carrie was too ready to eat the chickens, so no chickens for us yet. We'll need to build a safe place for them outside the orchard aka dog run. My sister took the chicken coop off our hands and it will be a "love shack" for the rooster Sriracha and the long time family hen Lily. All her cohort had died off and apparently she wasn't thrilled by the new six Swedish hens and rooster my sister got a year ago. When we brought Carrie over, eventually we decided it wasn't going to work, and we'd just have Carrie run around with my sister's young dogs. We round up the chickens, starting with the new rooster going into a dog crate. The Swedish hens were rounded up, but we couldn't find Lily -- until we found her on the deck next to the rooster in the dog crate. It's sweet to see critters bonding like that.

I became blue on Sunday -- possibly due to the gloomy weather but also feeling guilty about caring for my mother. My aunt is spending whole days with her, and observing issues (unsurprisingly) with the care location. My sister pointed out how we are in this for a long haul and we can't put our lives on hold - nor would Mom want us to. (My brain counters, "Aunt J-- is in this for the long haul, too.")

Christine has had a now-rare elephant event, so having both of us un-cheery.... Well, i just need to focus on ensuring i am doing what i can to take care of myself.

Tomorrow is the date Dad said he would start investigating getting mom out of The Current Miserable Place. He said he wanted to talk to someone with the home health rehab program, which worries my sister and i. I hope he's just trying to be prepared for Mom to no longer progress at subacute rehab, and not planning on withdrawing her.

Aching Back and Not-So-Tired Dogs

Feb. 17th, 2019 06:17 pm
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The week ended with more than my usual share of aggravation.  We largely begged off the bling and ca-ching! of Valentines Day this year (Eleanor works retail and sees way more of it than she can stand), so for me Thursday was just National Discombobulation Day.  (That's really a word, according to spellcheck, although I've never seen it used as one. "Spellcheck," on the other hand, pops a red underline. Go figure.)

Going into Thursday, I expected to have three commitments: a 9:30 Rochester court appearance; an 11:00 appointment at a client's near there, timed so I'd head over to see him after court; and a 5:00 appointment at my office here after I got back.  A bit busier than average day, but doable.  Then it all started discombobulating. (Also a word, apparently.)

- The 9:30 court appearance transmogrified into an 11:30 phone conference, even before I got on the road. Yay! No suit and tie!  I slept a little longer, and left to get to the 11:00 client appointment a little early, which the client had said would be okay.

- Client wasn't ready before 11. Also wasn't ready at 11, or even 11:30 when the call from Hurhonner was supposed to come in.  No worries; I'd brought my laptop with me and got things done. Finally, he rolled in moments after the Very Important Call was about to come in- which, by the time he and I finished, never had. Instead, an email arrived as I was driving away from his office: Hurhonner will call at 1 p.m. Please confirm receipt of this email. Not please confirm you can do it at 1 p.m. That attitude comes as standard equipment  with the black robe and the armed deputies.

- Once on that phone call, things went well, until a text came in moments later from Buffalo: Your 1:30 appointment is here. What, don't you read this blog? I had no such thing. I did have a 1:30 appointment I'd made for the NEXT day, made specifically because I was out of town on this day.  She'd missed that part. We rescheduled.

- Other things took longer than expected, and I had doubts I'd make it back to Buffalo by 5, so I emailed that client (who was coming at rush hour from work herself) to say I might be a few minutes late.  A reply: Oh. I thought we were meeting at 5 TOMORROW.

By now I was expecting EVERYTHING to go wrong, so naturally one more thing did: getting off the 90 to head the last mile to the office, I began to hear a grinding noise while braking. It had been a stupidly windy day, after an even windier one the day before when I was almost blown off my feet in downtown Buffalo and my stupid car's panic button started going off on its own again, so I gave it Friday to see if it sorted. It did no such thing, so I made a service appointment for Monday, then took one quick drive to the bank (this will be important later) and then to the downtown library to pick up a perfectly lovely indie film directed by the guy who directed the perfectly lovely indie film we saw right before the equally lovely indie film mentioned in my last post.  Car was still noisy but seemed to handle okay.  The premature Thursday client appointment went fine, and we watched the newest film that night when we both got home.

Both of us were dragging it yesterday, but we began another definitely not indie film with Bruce Willis that Eleanor picked up in her travels. Meanwhile, I resolved to have no more travels in my car, since my Saturday trips convinced me that my noise was getting worse.  We resolved to take it in to the dealer this afternoon, and further that I would take her car for Pepper's Sunday dog-parking as well as a workout I'd booked not far from my car's dealership.


The two trips that convinced me of that were of mixed results.

First, to my office for anything that came in after I left earlyish on Friday afternoon, followed by running a  check over to my business bank. This is when I discovered my business debit/ATM card was missing. I'm 99 percent sure I just forgot to wait for it to spit back out when I finished the Important Later Friday Deposit and that it is therefore stuck back in the machine- but because of the holiday tomorrow, I was informed that I won't find out until they clean out the ATM on Tuesday whether it's in there.  All I can do in the meantime is wait, and check periodically online to make sure H@ckerbo1! isn't draining my business account (no, so far:).

The better car trip was at the end of the day. Dog and I actually worked in a bonus trip to the Parp!, since the sun was out for once, I'd slept through her usual morning walkie time, and I decided to take her.  We usually go mornings, so the afternoon crew tends to bring a different bunch than we usually see.  This trip included a wild and crazy 7-month-old puppy named Jake, who followed her around for most of the visit-

- and then this one, who has no name we know but we wound up spending more time with-

Afternoon park people tend to be a little more free-range with their dogs than the ones we see in our usual morning visits, but this guy was alone in most of his encounters with Pepper. Eventually, I came upon his mommy, who was friendly enough but had a problem: she desperately needed a restroom, and the ones in the shelter were shut for the winter. I mentioned the Tim Horton's a block away as an option, and she thanked me. Next I knew, Not Jake was standing in a far corner just staring at nothing in particular, and Mommy was on the bridge heading out of the park without him. I resolved to hang with our dog until she came back (which she did, in about as long as I figured the potty break would take). It made for a longer and colder visit than expected, but at least I didn't fall on my ass on any of the very-present ice.

This, also, will be important later.


This morning was the usual routine, except what wasn't. Pepper took her first ride in Alanis the plug-in electric; she seemed discombobulated being in a thing called a "back seat," which she'd never been in for the previous almost nine months.  My troubles began as soon as I stepped out of the car with her: my back sent up instant messages of OW!

I've had issues with seat settings in some past cars, but never one where just five minutes of driving was enough to send me into pain.  It then got worse on the first trip round the "Canine Loop," when I was watching my steps very carefully, mantra-ing to myself, don't slip on the ice, don't slip on the ice,.... and slipped on the ice.  It didn't feel any worse than I already did, and by the end of the park trip I felt something resembling normal, but when I got home, it was more of the same.  Eleanor then explained that the new car has adjustments for forward and back, but also up and down and angling of the seat itself.  Somehow these had aggravated things for me.  I'd signed up for a charity workout, and kept the appointment, although not going nearly as "all-out" as I usually do; she came to meet me at the dealer when it was done, and I've tried soaking, heating-padding, and, yes, more wine-ing than we've done in weeks.  Tomorrow will tell if this was some random thing, or whether I'm going to have to get orthopedists into my life.

We're finishing Fifth Element tonight, I'm working from home in the morning, and then we'll see if me and the back are up to a Rochester appointment I've booked for 2 tomorrow. If I'm not quite sure things are good, this will be the one where I discombobulate other people for once.

And yes, that's a word.
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I put a bunch of seedy old grapes in a crook in the old front yard apple tree. The first time i did it, it was low enough that deer or possums or raccoons found them. I have a hard time imagining deer eating a whole block of suet, so i assume it was possums or raccoons. The second time i put the grapes higher up. They've been sitting there for a while, but this morning a murder of American crows (eek, a murder in the driveway!) has figured out where they are. The crows have to take turns negotiating their way through the thicket of water sprouts. It's been entertaining.

Also seen this morning: a red bellied woodpecker, male northern cardinal, two mourning doves, and an unidentified sparrow (i'd guess a white throated sparrow) plus Carolina wrens, Carolina chickadees (3), American goldfinches (2 based on head coloring differences), white breasted nuthatches (2), and tufted titmice (2). The last grouping are species for which i'm sure there are more than one (or two or three) individuals but because i can only confidentially vouch for the number of birds seen simultaneously, my count is low. Oh! There's a squirrel! I haven't seen the squirrel attempting the feeder this year, but i suppose it too could have gone after the suet.

In other bird news, my sister found a rooster she is fairly certain was "dumped" near the middle school. She's taken it home and claims she's searched for owners. We're pondering adopting it. We'll introduce Carrie to the bird this weekend and see how likely it is that Carrie will register it as prey. Which means looking for friends and a coop. We have gone back and forth about getting chickens for a while. The primary goal would be for them to be free range bug eaters, although eggs would be nice. I'd want them ranging outside the orchard.

Finally, the first native wild flower of the season: Houstonia pusilla, the tiny/small/least/dwarf bluet. I think i will dig up the four tiny plants and move them back to the mossy glade. I found some growing naturally in the glade last year, and i think it would be a fine plant to keep company with moss. Spring beauty, another ephemeral, has sent up leaves in the two places i've tried to establish transplants. And the putative Lupinus perennis has sprouted where i planted them back near the pawpaw and mulberries. Putative, because the website i ordered them from has the string "European-Lupine-Wildflower-Seeds" in the URL, but Lupinus perennis is an eastern North America native. Well, i don't have any rare butterflies to be disappointed.

Snow Day (well half of one)

Feb. 13th, 2019 06:21 pm
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Serious snow was reported for today, in fact for starting late tomorrow afternoon, which in fact it did. Very light day at the office yesterday, since some patients apparently thought that might they should cancel their morning appointments. Unfortunately, it seemed all the late afternoon patients came, so even if was a very light day, we ran over. By noontime yesterday enough patients had cancelled for today that I decided to shut the office. No point in the three of us fighting in through the weather to see the less than dozen patients who were actually booked (which would probably equal half-dozen actually showing up).

By this morning, all schools and daycares were announced closed, and even university classes were cancelled. I'm told that there are about the same number of snow days for schools whether you're in the far north of Canada, or the mid-Atlantic region of the US. The difference is how much snow it takes to close things: a few meters in Nunavut, down to a few millimeters in Virginia. I did go to the hospital for my regular clinic in the afternoon. T was supposed to come also (she's updating our database and taking pictures for lymphoma clinic), but she texted me early this morning that she couldn't even get out of her driveway. I ended up taking the metro. I wasn't bad, maybe 45 minutes, but not crowded. Clinic was reasonably full. I suppose partly b/c no one can ever get through by phone to cancel, plus since it's hard to get an appointment, people actually keep them come hell or high water. There were a few no shows & cancellations, but we replaced them with people who showed to book an appointment. I had 6(?) trainees (3 residents and 3 students), so clinic went really quickly, and I got in some good teaching. Definitely worth going in.

Last night, after I got the kids (and Nom) to bed, I wasn't really tired, so I read and played on my computer, and generally relaxed. At one point, I poured a glass of something nourishing, sprawled in an armchair, and looked out the window at the falling snow, our street having a pleasant picture-post-cared glow about it.

Four day weekend

Feb. 12th, 2019 09:11 am
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Friday: I think i did some chipping. I know i went into the NE small block of woods where Duke Power cut down many small trees to get to the large (about 2 ft in diameter) dead pine. I found the cherry tree they cut down so one less gripe about Duke power.

My brother came over with his middle son and daughter and we had a lovely time hanging out. The middle son is an athlete and so ran around with Carrie, possibly tiring her out. There was chatting about Dungeons and Dragons. All in all, a pleasant and warm visit.

Saturday and Sunday slipped away with grey skies, and time spent looking at seeds. I am about ready to go seed a few flats. I don't know how the flat that needs to stratify will do. The weather seems ready to give up on frosts and freezes. All the seeds i planted on Tuesday a week ago need some chill. My thoughts have an undertow of "Too late! Too late!" which isn't entirely accurate. Natural systems are diverse, and there will be seeds that need less and seeds that need more of whatever condition. Planting late isn't optimal, but the seeds that need more of the cold will be in the seed bank for next year. The early seeds will germinate. I planted some tulip bulbs at random depth in a berm on Sunday. The bulbs had already begun sprouting. Ah well, the main goal was to donate to the girl scout troop selling the bulbs in December. I did buy some plants: a beech tree to plant in the new gap in the woods, plus a few other natives to plant around the glade as we cut back the autumn olive and scraggly sweet gum. And the local farm store is selling "sticks" to use for rooting.

Yesterday was a family day, inadvertently longer and more draining than expected. Good news is that Mom might be able to move to a closer, more aggressive with therapy rehab center in two weeks. Also, my sister in law, of whom i gave an unflattering recount in last entry based on her Monday night conversation at dinner, has been hired as law faculty in Singapore. I am so relieved for her, as i think her lack of engagement in her profession was eating at her soul.

Thinking about where to plant peas, poppies, borage in the garden. Waffling back and forth on various garden layouts (but at least i have a plan for the potatoes)g. Finishing fencing the garden. Whether i can use sweet potato in the driveway circle as an edible ground cover that can defeat the stilt grass. Should i move the plants that survived deer, rain, and stilt grass into the orchard to be protected from deer and stilt grass?

I am not a cock-a-roach!

Feb. 11th, 2019 09:32 pm
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We're not bingy here, as a rule. But rules are made to be broken.  Last week, we came across a new Netflix stream called Russian Doll. A cast member or showrunner was familiar, here or there: Elizabeth Ashley, who we'd just seen in a quirky little indie film that was one of Kristen Stewart's breakout roles pre-Sparkly!  Also, Amy Poehler, one of the creators of the show coming out of the Parks and Rec coaching tree; but her involvement itself was no guarantee of good, as we learned when trying a Hulu she EP'd a few years back called Difficult People that was also difficult to watch.  Mostly, though, from the first moment this show was about an actress I knew (at the time) virtually nothing about: Natasha Lyonne, who I'd seen in her first-ever role on Pee Wee's Playhouse in the 80s and might've known from Orange is the New Black if I'd ever watched the thing.

Last Monday night, I tried the first of the eight not-quite-half-hour episodes solo. Eleanor joined me for a rewatch the next night- and on to the second.  Wednesday, the third.  Friday night, we sat down for the fourth and just kept going until the end. We then returned, between Sunday and tonight, to do it all over again to see the things we'd either missed or would understand better after seeing it through.

The premise sounded to a lot of people like Groundhog Day- it even premiered on Groundhog Eve- but there's not even a sideways homage to Bill Murray or that particular varmint in it.  Rather, this series takes the concept of a repeating reality- ending each time in a usually sudden, almost always slapstick death leading right back to the opening scene of the series- and builds on it, both in terms of the story and in terms of the filming.  Not quite halfway through, we meet another sort-of Time Traveler (or did we meet him earlier?), who compares and contrasts with Natasha's Nadia in how he goes through "the loop."  Little by little, we get to know the friends and lovers, present and former, who interact with both of them.  Early on, it reminded me more of 11.22.63 than anything else- a Man Called Horse seems to be in a role similar to King's Yellow Card Man, and the rules of the reset(s) resembled what Jake and Al got us used to- but by the midway point it reminded me of nothing other than the world it had created entirely on its own.

Word is that Lyonne, Poehler and co-creator (and mostly-director) Leslye Headland pitched a three-season arc. The finale hinted at any of several ways in which their future could go: forward, back, or even sideways.  We'll be watching; until then, our lexicon has picked up lines like "I am not a cock-a-roach," and imagery like car trunks being filled with watermelons, to tide us over until things start getting weird in Alphabet City again.

Pepper's been less than thrilled at the humans paying so much consecutive attention to the funny window in the room; here she is, binge-watching us while we're binge-watching the show:


Eleanor had the day off from work today for a followup appointment about her knee situation.  The healing seems to have gone well; they are recommending that she use only one crutch for now, and are leaning toward weight-train-based PT rather than surgery for the meniscus. 

My week is shaping up to be relatively quiet, with now only two court dates out of five and only one scheduled out of town. Plenty of new things to keep me at my desk and out of trouble, though.

Weather and ghosts

Feb. 10th, 2019 08:46 am
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Spoiler alert: not actually ghosts.

Weather is incredibly beastly. Not so much cold, as really biting wind. Went to the Family Day in the park. First stop was ride on horse-drawn sleigh. Hard to enjoy while huddling into your hooded coat, turning face away from the wind. Then bounce castle, which the kids enjoyed (and it kept them warm). Then sugar on snow, which is basically maple syrup poured out onto (clean) snow, let it congeal slightly, then wrap around a stick to eat its gooey sweet yumminess. Then hotdogs and hot chocolate, but at least in the small warmed shelter.

That night, there was a mysterious banging. Someone trying to break in? Ghosts? Picked up one of my swords (not so useful for ghosts) and explored. Couldn't find anything in basement or first or second floor, nor any windows open/loose on any floor. Oddly the banging was almost inaudible in the basement, and less audible on first floor or front of second floor. Eventually figured it was from the attic, the stairs to which are in the back of the house. In winter, I put Plexiglas sheets across the bottom of the skylights' light wells. The skylights are vented at the top. One of them, the one in fact at the back of the house, near to the stairs down, is older, and has a different type of vent. The wind running over it was so strong, gusts were causing a Venturi effect and pulling up the plexiglas, which would then slam back down. I put some weights on the Plexi for now. I'll have to see if I can adjust the vent later.

Ups and Downs

Feb. 7th, 2019 07:48 pm
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The biggest range of uppity/downity, of course, has been on the thermometer. Just four days after tying a record low temperature of -3F here, the temp broke an even older record high temperature of 64F. It stayed warmish for the next day or so, but then the past two mornings have brought freezing rain, black ice and walks even too slippery for a dog on four paws.  Now it's going back up again overnight before going right back down again.

Also down, for a sort-of count: me. These weather swings always mess with my metabolism, and sure enough, Monday's warmup also brought me a runny sneezy nose that tried to go away but, as of today, is clearly back.  I'm on the OTC version of the Flonaise that Eleanor's been on since last week.  It's not bad as bugs go, but it's annoying as all sneeze-out.

On the up side, Eleanor finally got her remote starter issues resolved while I was away today, so yay!

On the down side, I was away today for my fourth court appearance and second Rochester trip in four days. Every one of them was a cluster of delay, misunderstanding or, today, what I suspect was an outright money grab by the judge to force me to pay extra filing fees for something I don't think I need to pay extra filing fees for.  Shouldn't bother me- the client pays them- but I'm just inherently cheap and/or protective of them when it comes to things like this.

I hit my downest late Monday when I got into it with another attorney who refused to extend a simple courtesy and is now making me do an extra butt-ton of work over yet another simple misunderstanding. Fortunately, everyone else I've spoken to about it has my back on it, and we'll get through it one way or another.

Another upside: the Big Ugly, as I refer to my annual ritual of preparing our taxes, is mostly done. Eleanor works until 7:30 every night this week, so I put my time in, literally, putting my time (or rather receipts and expenses) into a spreadsheet and then carrying them over to the tax software program. On the whole, the impact of the 2017 tax law changes is a mix for us: several deductions were taken away or rendered irrelevant, but other things more or less took their place in comparable amounts.  It's unsettling just how much they changed the forms themselves: no more 1040-A "short form" or 1040-EZ "really short form," but a new mishmash of schedules that will take years of getting used to.  The general consensus is a lot of middle class people, mostly W-2 earners, are finding they're either getting much smaller refunds this time or even having to pay unexpectedly.  Yet all of Cheeto's supporters continue to drink the Koolaid and seem to be saying, well, fine, as long as you're using it to hurt immigrants and homos....

That's mostly it.  At least tomorrow is the one workday this week when I don't have to set an alarm to get, you know,....


Feb. 7th, 2019 07:17 pm
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This morning, while I was getting ready to head out the door, Hedgefund said, "I want to go to work with you and be a doctor." Yessssss!!!!  *Pumps fist* My work here is done. I did gently point out that she would have to get through medical school first, but that's a detail. (Oh yeah, and before that there's kindergarten, primary school….) A few months back, she had announced that when she was big, she was going to be either a doctor or a hospital, so I'm glad she's refined her career plans. Now I just have to stay around long enough to hand to practice over to her.


Feb. 7th, 2019 09:48 am
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Today's distraction: "Trust, but Verify"

Wikipedia has a nice background on how Regan came to use the Russian proverb during negotiations. I had had a meeting with someone who seemed clear at the end of our meeting, but then went and asked another colleague for a demo.


--== ∞ ==--

Monday was a Mom day, Read more... )

Dad and i sat on their patio for a while, enjoying the unseasonably warm weather.

Monday night Read more... )

--== ∞ ==--

Tuesday, glorious weather continued, and i made use of it with a day off. I wrote a variety of letters that Christine hand delivered to mom's facility, several to be delivered to therapists by taping them to Mom's mirror. The low tech communication has driven me nuts.

Christine left, and i worked in the orchard area, preparing the ground and then seeding with all the wildflower seed mixed with vermiculite. I fight gardener doubt now, but on Tuesday the weather was so lovely and it was so delightful to be outside. Edward Cat and Carrie kept me company. The mild temperatures, blue skies, gentle sun: i was delighted by the whole day.

--== ∞ ==--

Wednesday was an intense workday. Today is less so. The weather is amazingly warm and mild, 73°F outside. Now it's 81°F. I feel behind in my personal care: my morning rituals are all scrambled. I'm taking off work again tomorrow. It will be a nice mild day and i will continue to get some of my yard priorities addressed.
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DuckDuckGo. Does anyone else use this? It's an alternative search engine to The Borg. Their claim to fame is that they don't keep track of you/don't create a profile that follows you around. So far, their searches seem to give reasonable results, but I haven't done a head-to-head comparison with other search engines.

Office & Staff. Evil Secretary was actually out sick for almost 2 days. She takes sick days about once every 7-8 years. I came in Monday and she looked green, told me she'd just thown up, and needed to go home. Fortunately we have T on board now. Even though she's here as a nurse, she has secondary duties of filling in when ES isn't here. Also fortunately, it was a little slow, so she jumped in and did just fine. Yeah, lots of small things weren't perfect, but so what, this isn't her primary job and she's only been here a month. ES had initially told me she thought she'd need to come in for 1 day to clean up whatever mess was left, but there wasn't any. Good. Not having reliable back up of ES has always been a slightly worrisome issue for me, but this is another instance of T seeming to work out well.

RAMQ, fighting with. That's the government medical insurance bureaucracy in Quebec. Despite all our complaining (both as patients and providers), they generally get things done with a minimum of fuss. Had a couple of issues that I had to fight with them about yesterday, which is to say had to get on the phone with someone. Doesn't happen often (as best I can tell, most doctors in US spend more time fighting with gov't and/or insurance companies than actually seeing patients), and at least I got to speak to a human being.
     The Good. A patient who was falling between the cracks. He has horrible psoriasis, was put on one of the new biological medications with great results when he lived in Ontario. He moved back here, and the requirements are a little different, and I've been trying for > 6 months to get him approved. Discussed with them for 10 minutes, and today got the approval. They generally figure that if a doctor is willing to take the time to call them directly, it must be important.*
     The Bad. Only "medically necessary" acts are insured, which is reasonable. (Some of the backstory is not reasonable, but irrelevant here.) For example, a cyst that is not inflamed, infected, or physically troublesome is not covered for removal, so the patient has to pay. They may not like the cyst (or other benign growth), but the world is full of things one doesn't like, and that doesn't mean someone else has to pay for it. Anyhow, removed a cyst from a patient this past summer, duly warned him he'd have to pay for it, which he seemed to accept, duly charged him… and then he complained to RAMQ asking for reimbursement. Last fall they sent me a nastygram, asking for my notes on the patient and my justification. I sent that back, including a direct quote from their manual. They just sent me a letter saying basically, "illegal charge, we're collecting it back from you with a penalty." I spoke to someone who took the info, "and will get back to me." This is seriously annoying, but I am going to smack them down. If I let it go, besides the money immediately involved, it sets a really bad precedent. I've gotten the Assoc. Derm. Quebec involved, and they will help me for the same reasons. We'll win, but annoying.

*More on fighting for patients. It's part of the job. I'd hate to have to do it for every patient. Frankly, wouldn't have time to earn a living if I had to do that, but every 2-3-4 weeks, something comes up and I need to do it. It comes with the turf. Sometimes it really shouldn't be my job on a particular patient, but if he/she has been bounced around enough times, and is sitting in my office, I figure that morally it has defaulted to being my job, and I'll at least take the time for find out who should really be the one to see him/her, and make sure it happens.

Chúc Mừng Năm Mới

Feb. 5th, 2019 11:00 am
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Chúc Mừng Năm Mới

(Happy New Year/Tet)


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